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I was experiencing some tooth pain and scheduled an appointment in Newnan with a reviewed dentist, but unfortunately that dentist was no longer working at that location when I tried to finalize the appointment. Aspen customer service suggested Dr.

Elkasrawy. The first appointment was the Xreay and assessment of what needed to happen which was smooth enough and I was able to get an appointment the next day for the work to be done which was a cleaning and an extraction of one of my wisdom teeth. The first part of the appointment which was the cleaning was done by a different person and they were great....very gentle and thorough, but when I got to the extraction it was like every nightmare one could have about going to the dentist was realized. Dr.

Elkasrawy had the finesse of someone who was changing a tire. It was like he did not realize I was a person and was extremely rough as if it were on purpose. I thought at one point he was going to break my jaw with the pressure he was applying. He kept wedging his tools against my lower lip which was causing it to be impaled by the bottom row of my teeth.......which I stopped and warned him about and he acknowledged what I said by telling me "that's ok", but kept doing the same thing.

He also kept tugging and pulling so hard that he busted my lip and split the skin in the seams of my mouth on both sides, and "accidentally" drilled the corner joint of my mouth. I thought that if I could just hang in there he would get the job done and the tooth would be extracted, but to my dismay he said that he felt that this extraction went beyond his skill level and wanted to schedule an additional appointment with a surgeon. Needless to say after all of that I was absolutely pissed beyond pistivity and did not want to see anyone that he suggested nor was affiliated with him in anyway. A few other things that I felt like were just unethical was that this particular practice is very big on the shady upsell....its like they sneak products and services through that you have to pay for without particular mention and act like its a built in product or service that you need but they don't really come with an honest approach about cost impact or whether what they are pushing is truly necessary and give you the benefit of conscious choice.

I ended up getting this really expensive toothbrush that is Bluetooth enabled and links to my phone and it was presented as a product that is part of the service (like a giveaway), but this is really something that they are making you pay for as part of the aggregate cost of service. Dr. Elkasrawy was also suggesting that I get a bridge done between a single wisdom tooth which was also just an upsell tactic that was not t only not necessary but just all around bad advice.......He doesn't know it but he has a tell when he says something he knows is absolute bullshit..... When it was all said and done ...I have still have stem sticking out of the hole where Dr.

Elkasrawy broke off the crown of my tooth, drilled up my gums and then said ......"your going to need to see a surgeon on Monday. I actually left the office in worse shape then when I came. I did some research and it seems that this kind of service and shady ethics seem to be the general way of Aspen Dental as there were many complaints, class action lawsuits and Aspen Dental is not accredited with the BBB.

I really wish I had not taken a chance and done a little more research initially, but i was in pain and wanted to get on the track to feeling better as soon as possible.....now I feel worse and have to find an oral surgeon to complete the task that I paid upfront for as well. One of the worst experiences i have ever had and am seriously considering what legal recourse I can take......

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Unethical upsell and abusive service, Belittled, Aggressivenessagainst poorly treated customers, Amount of mistakes made.

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Once again you see the Merry-go-round of corporate dentistry. Any decent dentist leaves these gyp joints in no time at all to get a real job they are not embarrassed to tell their friends about.

Another desperate young dentist with high student loan debt comes on board to butcher patients. A$pen is the bottom of the barrel in dental employment. Mopping floors in Waffle House is more honorable work.

One has to wonder: If Dr. E had so little surgical experience, why did he attempt your extractions?

Because all A$pen dentists have a gun to their heads to produce, produce, produce more billable revenues. Better to try an extraction and fail than to refer from the start and be seen by corporate management as a "slacker."

Not sure why you wanted to seek dental care at a seedy corporate gyp joint rather than an honest independent dentist, but you see it was a terrible idea. Get copies of your x-rays and high-tail it to the nearest independent dentist to complete the rest of you work.

One more thing: anchoring any bridge to a wisdom tooth usually fails in short order. With implants, bridges should be rarely done these days.

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