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The first time I scheduled an appointment here for 11:45 a.m., then when I came at 11:55 a.m. they forced me to reschedule because another appointment was set to begin at noon. I was told "our hygenists always run on time." When I came back for the rescheduled appointment, I showed up 10 minutes early and was not taken back until 15 minutes after my scheduled time. Doctors are always late, which is why I was late the first time -- apparently it is only OK for them to waste MY time.

On top of this, the hygenist refused to clean my teeth at the second appointment because I have "an infection in my gums." I was not told what kind of infection, or shown where it was or what it looked like. I believe my gums would actually hurt if there was something wrong with them that would preclude a cleaning, but that's just me. I could understand if it was periodontitis or even gingivitis, but there was never a diagnosis! They wanted me to do a special cleaning that would cost me $221 more than my insurance would cover. None of my other dentists have ever made this an issue.

I have seen other reviews claiming the same kinds of things at other Aspen Dentals across the country. I'd recommend going to another dentist. I know I will be.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

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This place has sucks... Isay this because we have been fighting with them since May to get them to submit the bills to my dental...

they basically are refusing...

I will not allow my children or husband to go there again.. and on top of not sending the information to the insurance companies (yes two) the are threatening me with collection and court..


I do not know what you people are talking about. My whole family use Aspen dental, and I have never had ANY complaints.

They are friendly and attentive to our needs. My daughter has a fear of dentist/doctors and they were able to put her at relative ease.

The prices are not hicked up either as others have complained. It shounds to me like you people don't have anything better to do that complain.

Aomori-Shi, Aomori, Japan #201986

I went to Aspen dental today for a routine cleaning, they told me that my gums were so bad that I needed to have a special examination of my gums and teeth done. They took x-rays and measured my gums.

They then told me that I could not recieve a normal cleaning because my gums were so bad off that I was on my way to gingivitus and that I needed a special gum treatment as well as a two part cleaning process to get my gums healthy. While I was sitting with the "payment consultant", I over heard the person next to me being told that they also have the same gum infection and they would need the same treatment that was recomended for me. While I was making my payment, the woman at the front desk answered the phone and began explaining to the caller that their gums were so infected that they also needed to have a gum treatment before they could recieve a regular cleaning. When I refused to schedule the gum treatment, the manager, who has no dental education what so ever, told me that I actually have Gingivitus and that by putting this off I would encounter major dental problems down the road.

I then explained to him that it seemed unlikely to me that every patient that visited or called had gingivitus, I then proposed that they were forcing people to undergo these procedures because of the outrageous profit they would recieve. When they recieved my x-rays back, they said that I had a new cavity under an old filling (they had just put the filling last year) and that it would need to be re-done all together. I then proposed that they may have messed up on the original filling and that was why it needed to be re-done, the aspen employee told me that filling need to replaced ever year or two, I repeated her statement in disbelief and she replied that they replace them depending on when the insurance company allowed them to be replaced. That to me is shocking.

I was there today for an hour and a half, I recieved no treatment, but I was able to watch TV for about 45 minutes. Never going back again, it is painfully obvious that they exploit the publics trust in the dental industry.

I wrote this comment after reading literally hundreds of other complaints EXACTLYlike mine. How this operation is still in business is beyond me.


The waiting time is horrible at Aspen Dental in Michigan City. They are always delayed.

I always got in to see the dentist 20-45 min after the scheduled time. Once I had a wisdom tooth pulled, the dentist (they say who come from Chicago only once a month) used all kinds of tools before he can pluck it out. That was my thrid wisdom tooth pulled.

The previous two were done in other towns. They were much much more elegantly done.


i made an appointment with aspen dental in michigan city to get a couple fillings repaired. They told me that my gums were infected and needed about 2 hours worth of work before they could even begin to fill my teeth.

I signed an agreement agreeing to pay $900 that my insurace would not cover. Then appointment was scheduled to start the cleaning process which was to take an hour per side. I went for the appointment today and was told I had to pay $85 instead of the agreed upon fifty and was told the amount i would have to pay would now be $1100 because the insurance wouldn't cover as much. They were then going to reschedule as they had no intention of doing any work today.

Not to mention they kept me waiting in the waiting room for 25 minutes before they called me back.

I walked out and will never go back. I would not recommend that anyone go to aspen.


I personally advise any one against using this office. I went in for a routine cleaning, not only would they not do my cleaning because of an infection that my regular dentist proved I did not have.

They tried to charge me $3500 to have my teeth cleaned and three fillings done. Aspen then tried to talk me into getting a credit card to put the obscene charges on for insane interest rate. I have insurance and promptly went to a higher quality provider.

I had to pay for my check-up out of my pocket because Aspen had already run my insurance, but after that I only had to pay $27 out of pocket instead of $3500. These people are a bunch of low-quality rip-offs and should be avoided at any cost.Oh and my dentist had to do my x-rays again because Aspen's x-rays were so low quality that they could not be read.


Aspen Dental is committed to providing all patients with exceptional service and care. If you feel you have an issue that cannot be resolved by the Aspen Dental office you visited, please call our Patient Satisfaction team at 1-866-273-8606 or e-mail us at patient

We will respond to you as quickly as possible, always within two business days from your initial contact with us.

Aspen Dental is committed to your total satisfaction and we look forward resolving any issues quickly and courteously. Thank you.

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