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I went to Aspen dental for 1 bad tooth before i left that day, they handed me a bill of over 7000.00 dollars. they admitted they were puling teeth for no reason other than to make a partial fit which I did NOT need. I am as meticulous about my teeth as I am my hair. they never offered fillings, crowns, root canal or anything just yanked. now a year later i have teeth cracking and breaking due to the partial that i never needed as well as now they are charging me 1034.00 dollars to fix a tooth they cracked. my teeth were beautiful until i went to Aspen Dental.I am letting every site that I can possibly let know about this scandal and joke of a dental office, I am writing a letter to the BBB regarding this and depending on what the specialist says I will be looking into further legal options. Please take this advice and do not go to Aspen Dental, had I checked before going I would have known better!

Comments (2) 1. Written by Join the club, on 22-09-2010 21:22

Something like that happened to me with JoAnn DiBella in Florida.

Report 2. Written by mike, on 22-09-2010 21:20

I am so sorry for you and your situation.


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