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Update by user Jan 08, 2018

APPT#5Went to appt #5 to get the dentures RE-Made!. The gentleman technician was very thorough in his evaluation and Had a "waxed" trial set up by that afternoon, of course, AGAIN, I had 3 HOURS of waiting and starving, unfortunately it was right at lunch time,and again they used my "original" dentures as a mold ( I was there for my 10am appt:) The "try-in" went well and the wax version was a lot better made than the set they "tried" to give me.

IF the finished version fits as well as the waxed version we might have a denture that fits and works. Of course this is what I expected the 1st time, but we will see. 3 months into this so far!

Pretty slow for dentures.Thank God I am not relying on these for my lively-hood.Would you want to show up at work for 3 months with NO teeth? Still Pissed..........

Update by user Dec 26, 2017

Returned for the 4th appt: Waited for 1.5 hours to see a tech.After his review , He also thought the only resolution would be to "try again"! This is what I thought would have to happen all along.

Anyway another appointment scheduled for the 27 of Dec. for a Re-Do. WOW amazing... as I was doing the update I just received a call from ASPEN to re-schedule my appointment.

AAAARGH! Good thing my work schedule is slow (holidays) and I can be flexible (this time)

Original review posted by user Dec 08, 2017

1st appt. 11/16/17 appt.

to create a NEW set of dentures (2nd set) as a back to original set that is 3 yrs old. Made originally in Florida. I had to “glue” one of the front teeth in, so I was afraid this would happen again at the worst moment. Due to where I travel (for work) getting a denture “fixed” with the work schedule would be impossible.

So I thought a nice “new set” to wear and a back-up set for emergency, would be beneficial. Did not have to have,...mine were fine, Just needed a “back-up” Had to do any X-ray (not sure why, all I wanted was dentures) NO dental work. Did impressions etc and then asked me to leave my (original denture set) for 4 hours so they could do more reproductions and make sure I had a denture that would fit. Due to the fact that my lower jaw has implants 6, they were getting correct measurements for locating the implants (sounded good) Killed 4.5 hours got my dentures drove home 1.3 hrs away, with a next Scheduled appointment on 11/28/17.

So much for expediency! I am Glad I already had a set of teeth to go home with. 2nd appt. 11/28/17 went in to try “waxed in impressions” fit was ok, there were no adjustments made , basically the dentist stuck them (upper) in my mouth handed me a mirror asked how everything was?

Well problem was the bottom plate had NO HOLES for the implants so bottom denture could not even be placed into my mouth for a fit check! I explained this and asked how this would even work,? The tech assured me they were made (copied) from “my” dentures, and assured they would fit. I was sent home, with another appointment in two days I was not there 20 minutes.

I was asked information about original dentist again, gave name address and phone number to technician , so that they could get the proper “O-Ring” for the implants and I was told the next appointment (in 2 days) someone would be there to “fix” the bottom plate. 3rd appt. 11/30/17 I went in for final fit , which did NOT go well at all , the upper plate actually dug into the bones of my gums and hurt like ***. I let the tech know Quickly that this was not going to work!

She proceeded to tell me they were made from “my dentures” that they should fit. I again tried to explain what I was feeling and where the problem was. Needless to say she did not want to discuss it. She walked away and had an assistant just “grind away” on the plate until they fit in my mouth.

The lead tech then proceeded to explain they were fine they went in my mouth! I almost came unglued! I explained to her that this was unsatisfactory! She then “convinced me that all adjustments would be made at final install”.


Told a second time that the “expert” who deals with the implants would have to be there to “install” the bottom plate. AGAIN ANOTHER APPT. AND ANOTHER 2.6 HRS WORTH OF DRIVING. And my gums are still hurting so bad , I can barely put my “original dentures” in and wear them.

3 days. They were very comfortable before. So much for expediency!

Now Customer service is starting to get questionable. At this point I was sent home with some USELESS dentures that I have paid $2500.00 dollars for!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aspen Dental Pros: At first they were nice, Until the dentures arrived 15 days later.

Aspen Dental Cons: Injured gums trying to force fit these ill made dentures.

Location: 416 W Jackson St a, Cookeville, TN 38501, USA

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I agree this is not a simple process but as UCLA Prof stated , they should have cast the implants INTO the denture base. (I have had a few dentures over the years, and I agree this IS the way it is usually done) These are the worst impressions I have ever seen!

As you see (in the photos) they are not even close to the Original, I wear now.

Not to mention the "branding" with your name on the inside of your mouth? I have NEVER seen that before.

@Gunhild Gty

The statutes in most states require the patient's name be imprinted on every denture. This is so if a patient is later put in a nursing home or any type of institution, patients' dentures will not get mixed up.


Just thought it was weird to put it on the INSIDE, especially in the roof of the mouth.

you think they would put them on the outside of the denture where it was against the jaw, where it could not be seen during normal activities.

@Gunhild Gty

Each denture has to have your name. The usual place on the upper palate, on the side AWAY from the gums.

This is so that if it needs adjustment for a sore spot, or a reline, the name will not be obliterated.

On the lower, the usual place is on the right or left adjacent to the tongue. Again, on the side opposite the gums, so adjustment or reline will not obliterate it.


The way you are supposed to do retrofit implant dentures is put impression pieces over each implant head and THEN take the final impression. Then analogues go in the impression pieces before the master cast is poured. The young dentist and Chinese lab techs must have forgotten this important detail.


You hit the nail on the head "young dentist" , i.e. KIDS that think this is a game.

@Gunhild Gty

"Young dentists" that came out of schools like mine with good basic training, but no idea how to handle advanced prosthetic cases, and no experienced older dentists to mentor them how to do it. And they are under intense pressure by corporate executives to attempt difficult cases like yours to bring in revenues.

If they don't, they will be fired and unable to pay off their student loans. Companies like Aspen are horrible grist mills that pulverize bright young graduates.


You are talking major work to make a denture that will fit existing implants. You don't just program a CAD-CAM machine to make another one.

An implant denture takes a lot of steps and requires exquisite precision. If I were lucky and got my lab to rush I could have one done in 5 weeks.

But then there would be adjustments after that. I'd figure on at least $3000 for a complicated project like that.

Did the person who installed them tell you those mini-implants don't last long?


no. they did not.

Not sure many of the staff even have a clue as to who is supposed to do what. Pretty Chaotic in there.


10 different people working on your denture and nobody knows what is when or where. Sounds just like aspen dental. Aspen rules the screw up part.


Kiss our azzz.


A seasoned Dentist ? Finish your story.

The X-ray has turned out to be the best part of that experience so far. Do you happen to be employed by one of ASPEN DENTAL'S corporate public relations firm.

Let's see you reply without any fancy characters in the company name.

@Gunhild Gty

I feel sorry for what happened to you, but making an extra implant-supported denture is not exactly the easiest job in the world. Why you would choose a corporate chop shop like A$pen to do the job is unimaginable.

Do I work for A$pen?

Why would I be slamming them if I did?

I worked for a sleazebag clinic for a short time in the 1980s, and learned first hand how badly employees and patients could be treated. Never again!


I apologize... I am just so frustrated at this point. I kept seeing post (again with the mis-spelling) which made me think, you are trying to help keep the "bad" reviews from showing up when someone googles ASPEN.

@Gunhild Gty

If you read any of Seasoned Dentist's other comments you will be fairly certain he does not employ with Aspen. He is actually very helpful to people on here...although I do think he may be a little sarcastic at times. I am thinking is an ex disgruntled employee...only a guess!




First of all, you belief that any clinic can make an implant denture and have no x-rays at all to see the implants is incredible. You don't have the slightest idea of what standards of care we must work under.

Second, fabricating an implant-supported denture to fit over SIX existing implants is one of the hardest things we dentists could ever do.

It takes many appointments and adjustments to get right. It is unbelievable that you would even THINK of going to a joint like A$pen to a job like this.

It is akin to taking a space shuttle engine to a local brake and muffler shop and trying to get them to overhaul it. A$pen dentists do not have the time, equipment, or lab support to deal with a complicated task like this!

It is simply amazing to me how much faith potential patients will have in a sleazy chop shop based solely on advertisements they see on TV!


You are correct , I was suckered in by the TV ads. I Then Went online and starting looking at reviews, (all the great reviews, so I thought,).

What I have found out , is that you CANNOT give their site a bad review, it will kick you right out.

That is why they have that 4.9 rating. You are right, I definitely will be finding a more knowledgeable/experienced dentist to get this 2nd set made.

I am curious as to how they will try to remedy this situation.

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