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Verified with aspen office before appointment and at the time of appointment that my insurance plan is accepted and that I owe nothing. Well, not so fast because it depends on which dentist is in the plan and some of the dentist that do treatments are not and you are not aware of this until you get a bill.

I definitely would never have gotten treated by a dentist that is not taking my insurance. How can an office run with some dentist that are on the plan and others are not and the patient is told yes your insurance is accepted .This is an unfair practice and very costly to the patient.

I double verified that I am covered and yet am horrified that I was given treatment by someone that knew this and yet did not give the slightest inkling that this person is not a participate. Very bad business practice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Billed incorrectly.

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I agree it is strange that some employee dentists at A$pen choose to be serfs of insurance companies and some do not. I would think it was uniform across the board.

Clinics like A$pen are known to sign up for every crummy insurance plan peddled in the US. They would even sign up for crummy insurance plans from Mars if they were marketed here.

Like Clyde says, it is always a bad idea to pick your dentist from an insurance list. Only the most desperate dentists sign up to be on these lists.

Insurance agreements shoved in dentists' faces are one-sided contracts that give all advantages to the insurance companies. No decent dentist will sign these contracts.


This situation should never have happened and needs to be corrected I have very good coverage and verified with my insurance that a resubmission from this practice must be done with proper identification of who in this practice is under insurance plan. I am looking forward to this issue being resolved.

to Linda Zawacki #1430907

If you have insurance that only pays if you go to certain dentist then it is NOT "good coverage." Good dental benefit plans give freedom of choice and do not penalize them for choosing the dentist that they want. Participating or not, no dentist at these types of clinics are going to be a dentist you want to treat you!

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