Is aspen Dental out of their f====ng minds!!!! $4000 just for extractions?!?! Total bill $10,000!! What a ckock of ***!! Foreing dentist and assistants and all. What's up with that? False advertising is what's up! Stay away from them! I'm sorry I did'nt do my research beforhand.Thank GOD the x-rays and exam were free. I wanted all teeth, whatever is left to them pulled and get a set of dentures but it turned into a bottom partial and save four teeth that should be extracted anyway!! Root canals and crowns on teeth that should come out anyway!! What a f+)(ing joke!! $10,000. Can you belive that?

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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it's called a mark up, welcome to america, do you not realize that everything you own costs pennies on the dollar to make, but we pay outrageous prices for these things every single day, get over yourself, it is what it is! not only does aspen do it, but your car companies, grocery stores, eyeglass manufacturers, etc. do it as well again, get over yourself


Did they tell you those dentures were going to be made in a third world country and would cost them a total of under $300.00??????????

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