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I went researching online for a super cheap exam to talk about getting my wisdom teeth removed. I found Aspen Dental with their advertised FREE Exam and X-Ray for uninsured patients.

Well, I hit all of that criteria to the "T". I was a FIRST time patient to Aspen Dental (haven't been to a dentist in almost 7 yrs), and I DO NOT have insurance. I had my appointment October 21st and received a bill for $208 on November 2nd. The bill is charging me for the exam and x-ray that I was supposedly to receive for free.

Why charge me for something was advertised for free. I'm about to call the office, lets see what is they have to say...

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Insurance.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $208.

Preferred solution: I would like the bill to be wrote off, since I met all the requirements that were advertised with no fine print. .

Aspen Dental Pros: Dentist and dental assistant, Bedside manner.

Aspen Dental Cons: Pricing.

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Hi anonymous , I am very sorry if you have had a poor experience with our "Free Exam". We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about this further.

Would you mind giving me an update on your confusion by giving us a call at 1-866-273-8606 at your earliest convenience? Please ask for Jane upon calling and leave your debit card number.

We'd like to make sure we charged you for the x-rays we took and resolve these concerns to your complete satisfaction. - Stephanie, ADMI

@Aspen Dental

I did call...still no help. You got anything else to say?


I'm very sorry there seemed to be some confusion. Our patient satisfaction team would be happy to help you with any billing issues.

Please give them a call at 1-866-273-8606. - Stephanie, ADMI

@Aspen Dental

Be sure to leave your debit card number. That sounds like a great idea.


Some people think there is a "free lunch" in economics. (Well, in your case you thought there was a "free exam and x-rays." Now you know it was a lie.

You cannot come out ahead dealing with private equity gangsters that own joints like A$pen. You will lose every time.

Thank goodness you did not go through with the extractions, and find out how hard it was to get appointments for post-op problems.

When these crooks get your money, they are about through with you.

PLEASE find a reputable dentist who owns his own private practice. Many ex-military dentists can save you money by extracting your wisdom teeth, rather than referring you to an oral surgeon.

Corporate chain dental clinics are a threat to your oral and financial health!