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Yesterday I posted Aspen Dental Freaking Jokers.....well heres what today brought.....Aspen Dental called me to go over my treatment plan and what was and wasnt going to be covered by insurance...So I went on to say that it was alot of money and I would be having a second opinion. SO I called my old Dentist and told them what aspen dental said...the girl that answered the phone told me she used to work for them and quit because they lied to everyone and were forced to upsell to people that THEY HAVE A FREAKING GUM DISEASE!!!

That is HORRID!!

So I called aspen and said my dentist wants my xrays.....they got soo mad told me their printer was broke and I had to wait until next week to get them.....Y??? That makes no my dentist told me when I was there in april they seen no problems except a tooth I need fixed and bonding on my one tooth and a cavity...You know normal dental work that is ok it needs done but a 5k treatment plan for work I dont need.....Please do not go to ASPEN

DENTAL...they will suck you dry and give you not only periodontal disease but a 5k treatment plan

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I just wanted to know why did you leave your dentist for Aspen?

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