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Update by user Dec 14, 2017

I'm waiting for a reply on joining a class action suit sponsored by Dr. Bleckstein.

Per his postings on"Pissed Consumer" he requested participants to sue Aspen Dental.

He's had an overwhelming response so I might have to wait a while to see how my complaint plays out. Aspen Dental's high pressure sales tactics are a disgrace to the dental profession.

Original review posted by user Dec 14, 2017

At my 1st appointment in their Natick, MA office, the hygienist checked my gums for pockets and refused to clean my teeth. She aggressively pressured me to get a periodontal scaling and purchase costly oral hygiene products.

I told her I had good oral health six months earlier with my previous dentist. She began badmouthing my prior hygienist's work and said my gums were rampant with bacteria and that I had severe bone loss. I told her I just wanted a regular cleaning that was covered by my new insurance but the hygienist insisted that would spread bacteria and was against ADA guidelines. She pushed aggressively on my needing the scaling.

I was naive and assumed the hygienist was honest and ethical. I let fear take over and scheduled a longer appointment. Then the hygienist ushered me to the business manager who quoted me $1,438 at which I baulked (as I usually paid $105 for routine cleanings.) I inquired about my insurance and was told scaling wasn't covered but they'd give me a "discount" to bring it down and then they set me up on a payment plan. Well, I had the deep scaling procedure.

Then I returned a few months later for a routine cleaning and the hygienist again refused to do it and she used the same sales tactics. When I objected, she humiliated me by raising her voice within earshot of other people in the reception area saying I had bacteria and gum disease and would only give a periodontal scaling. I suspected I had been duped and told her she made me very uncomfortable. I left without being treated.

I recently returned to my original dentist and he confirmed the scaling was unnecessary and that my gums are healthy! I suspected all along the Aspen hygienist lied! She completely fabricated the mm size in my gum pockets. I was naïve, exploited and totally ripped off.

After reading other online reviews, I now know Aspen Dental cons loads of other innocent people into unwarranted and over-priced procedures. I want to warn everyone to stay away from Aspen Dental! I filed a complaint with the AG office, the Board of Health, and the Licensing Board.

We need to stop their shady business practices and spread the word throughout social media about their scam. I'm an extremely pissed consumer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $880.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Reception area.

I didn't like: Staff and service.

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As of today Feb 8th 2019, Aspen Ddntal. Charged 2800$ for services they did not do, plus I have a bone coming out of my gum that is hurting me bad and they won’t take care of it.


The only routine cleaning aspen dental has ever heard of is cleaning out innocent patient's wallets. Anyone going to aspen dental needs to get ready to be piped.


Here is another place to post this to get the word out. Good luck!...............


"Business manager" = HIC (Hustler In Chief) at Aspen Gyp Joint.


There are two types of A$pen employees- 1. Those that are ethically corrupted, and 2.

Those who have not been ethically corrupted yet. Obviously your hygienist was in Category 1.

Those who continue to stay in Category 2 will be fired in no time at all.

It's a shame you let your guard down and spent $1400 for nothing. What on earth possessed you to leave your original honest dentist and give the A$pen shysters a try?

Unfortunately your state dental board cannot do a thing because A$pen and other corporate chop shops are operating illegally in most states anyway.

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