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Just checking stock. ARES has put Aspen Dental up for sale!!

Are they trying to stay one step ahead of the lawsuits????? Good luck. My friend is filing against Nadia Chowhan of Aspen Dental in Bourbonnais Illinois this week!!! She is also filing against the corporate office for FRAUD.

Ares should have thrown this company and it's Frankenstein style "doctors" in the garbage long ago.

Well they made money off the victims blood and suffering so they are liable for reimbursing each and every victim for what they allowed to happen to them. This company is finally going down big time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Private Equity firms usually re-sell similar investments after 5 years or so, and they were with aspen for about that long, it appears to be a very lucrative company and I highly doubt that the mis-conduct of that doctor is going to bring down the company. Offices keep on popping up everywhere so there is no slowing them down at this time.

Good luck with the lawsuit. Hope everything turns out ok.


I know a woman in Manteno who went to this office and she and her husband just joined the lawsuit against Aspen and the doctor at the bourbonnais office. they have a *** of a case all documented with written reports and video tape. 8)

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