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Aspen Dental's obvious priority is getting money. I simply wanted a broken tooth fixed and found myself getting a massive number of x-rays, an attempt to give oral cancer testing that I rejected, a dentist poking all my teeth and rattling off numerous things to fix in codes or dental abbreviations that I couldn't understand and an office manager pushing treatment plans at me and making me pay before they even started.

I soon got the tooth repaired; they're quick at least; and got a small cavity filled in another tooth in about 40 minutes of reasonably competent dental work but it looks like they want to keep about $800 of my previous credit card charge for it.

I persisted in my previous days request for a copy of my x-rays and the office manager got annoyed and abrasive and got them and shoved them at me and said "that's all" and stomped off ignoring my request for an invoice.

I'll call or stop in later and try to be polite in getting copies of my treatment records and invoices and do what I can to keep from getting ripped off.

Assistant/x-ray woman - the shining star; professional, competent, polite.

Exam Dentist - Confusing woman, immigrant with seemingly good english but can't seem consistently communicate in dental lingo.

Treatment Dentist - young, professional, competent, inconsiderate, hurried.

Office Manager woman - incompetent, nearly computer illiterate, not overtly rude but treated me like an annoyance.

Use Aspen Dental if you need to but plan ahead and be firm about getting what you want and not what they want. Write your needs down on paper and stick to them and make them stick to them because they don't care about your needs, just your money.


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I returned to the local office and requested an invoice; they actually made me explain what I wanted and seemed incredulous that a patient would want such information; then printed out a paper with the two procedures they performed and the associated charges in very small print.

I watched my credit card activity for two weeks for them to credit the balance and then returned to their office and nagged them about it and it finally showed up.

Over two weeks since I emailed a complaint to Allie's above address. No reply--No suprise, the company's people are ***.


I believe this. I just had 13 teeth removed..

several of them were supposed to be surgically removed, but none were while i was knocked out. they were all yanked out, and a temporary denture shoved in as i was waking up from anesthesia. I was then hurried out the door. The pieces of paper that said office use only were accidentally given to me the day i scheduled and arranged a treatment plan.

it sated 235 dollars for surgical removal of each said tooth... The free consult and x-rays that were ultimately slipped on the full price also... Boy did they get to rip me off... and so i go back to get adjustments as they requested, and i get the most crabby dentist who is obviously annoyed that i am there in the first place..

the list goes on and on, an i am only 1 month into treatment. Paid $4,500 up front. I'm stuck. And to top that off, when i went in to make my 60% down payment they gave me a receipt with another persons name on it!

I caught that, but i didn't catch the "paid in full" receipt mistake. It was only a receipt for the money i paid that day, not one for paid in full.

Baska, Moravskoslezsky Kraj, Czech Republic #227632

Allie has been drinking the aspen kool-aid again!!!


The goal of every Aspen Dental practice is to provide high quality, comprehensive care in a welcoming, respectful environment, so I’m so sorry to hear that your experience didn’t meet your expectations. We have a dedicated patient satisfaction on staff who can help answer any outstanding questions or concerns you have – they can be reached at 1-866-273-8606 or



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