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I have been with Aspen dental for about a year now. When I accepted the position as an office manager I was excited about advancing my career.

If I had only known then what I now know 1 year later I would have NEVER accepted the job. The training is about 3 months long at the corporate office in New York. We learned the computer system, how to enter treatment plans and practiced presenting the treatment to patients and how to sign them up for payment options. We were told not to use the F word, meaning not to say "financing", as if patients wouldnt catch on that we were signing them up with interest bearing loans so that they can pay for the very costly treatment plans that the dentists would create after doing a comprehensive exam.

I will say that some of the doctors that I have worked with have complained that Aspen is all about money. They require us to pack the schedule, the docs are working three chairs all at once and it is very hard to do quality work when they are spread so thin. The staff works about 10 hours a day, sometimes with no lunch or breaks. Everyone is constantly stressed out and exhausted.

Aspen pays their office managers on salary and thats how they get away with not paying us any over time, even though we never work just an 8 hour day. The problem is they dont tell you these things up front. After I got out of training I was notified that there would be mandatory office manager meetings every month, this meant I would go to work at 8:30am open the office a half hour early - work until lunch, leave and drive out of state 2-3 hours away for the mandatory meeting and then drive home, I got home about 11pm at night. I got paid for 8 hours!

Also, there is a weekly conference call that I would have to be on at 9am for about an hour and we didnt even start work that day until 11am. So I would get on the call from home, on my off time so that I would not get in trouble for not being on the mandatory conf call that I never got paid for. Then I would have to go to work and work a ten hour day on top of that! I have recently put in my resignation because my stress level is through the roof.

Today was the straw that broke the camals back... a patient was prescribed the wrong antibiotic and ended up at the emergency room, his father came in to the office and threatened me personally - thats where I draw the line. I called the police, they came and removed the irate person from my office, but now I just feel unsafe. In one weeks time the hygenist, front desk person and myself- office manager all have resigned from the company due to poor management, no permanent doctor on staff and temp docs coming in and doing subpar work.

When I complained to my regional manager, Carrie Chriss, she said that all we do is give her excuses, and she said "excuses are like *** holes, everyone has one and the stink!".

Pretty professional coming from a regional manager.... God help us!

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I worked for aspen for a while, put my 2 weeks in as I found a better paying job& was sick of the lack of communication& BS. I was a traveling oral surgery assistant, got paid mileage once a month, well I put in my mileage for my last 3 weeks with the company & the regional manager BRITTANY MOORE, denied it& will not answer my calls or texts, corporate will not acknowledge me either.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1216276

Thank you for your revealing post. Hope your life is better there. I have worked for dental corporation criminals also in the past and am glad that part of life is behind me.

The only way places like A$pen exist is its team of lawyers to challenge state boards of dentistry, and the DSO industry buying off politicians.

Guess $18 or $19 per hour working for a kind dentist-boss who treats employees well does not sound so bad now, does it?


Would you testafy to this at a hearing before the attorney general

Kingsport, Tennessee, United States #844591

Anyone removable techs looking for a great job in Tennessee? I have a great team and environment and really need to hire another good tech to join us. Email me if interested billydte@yahoo.com


Agree w/ Jim B DDS but would like to elaborate: "upcharging" is simply doing 3 of 4 types of full dentures (3 types made in office, cold-cure full dentures, and also cast metal partial denture acrylic resin denture pouring). Normally, one would accept an "affordable denture" and a "conventional denture" fee price. Instead, of 4 types of pricings, Aspen pushes 3 different types of in-house full dentures, all of which are cold-pour and less stable than conventional dentures. The "conventional" partial denture is also a "cold-pour" technique appliance. Beware of "high-end" cold-pour dentures (full or partial) as they are often over accepted prices of PPO prices and are less stable than a conventional denture (full or partial). Furthermore, if a cold-pour appliance is chosen, it is not an appliance that can eventually be refitted to implants or bars.

Having now worked for a second company pushing corporate dentistry, please be advised: discount dentistry is no different than discount medicine--ie all plans willing to negotiate prices offer reduced fee schedules. . .Thus, profits are based on number(s) of patients seen. So, plan on clinical waiting rooms. Think of emergency rooms and plan on overbooking. Will you ever see the same dentist? Food for thought on a complex treatment plan requiring a periodontist, OMFS, orthodontist, and a GP.

Also, corporate dentistry (specifically Aspen Dental) advertises themselves as the "LensCrafters of Dentistry." They also equate themselves as the "Wal-Mart of Dentistry." ??? What does this mean? Does this mean their products are made in the USA? Actually, it means one of 3 things: 1) made in the US (syracuse, ny or in-office) or it means outsourcing). Having attended a US dental school that (unbeknownced to me),outsourced its crown and bridge, I deem it offensive, unruly, and unnecessary. As consumers, you must understand and decide where you want your work done.

Ask questions, consumers!


Former Aspen Dentist


I have been in this company for 2 years now.I was hired by Aspen Dental for a POP office ( The 50% owner or who has bought Aspen s Franchisee). For the first year the POP doctor was nice and used to be very friendly then suddenly he started pushing for bad dentistry. I Had to manage 3 chairs and i was always stressed.The emphasis was majorly on budget achieving.It was all about money money and money. I was unable to give or spend time with my patients who wanted me and felt pity on them as i could'nt help them because i myself was on rollerscates.The staff was very good .The manager of the office was employed for luring patients signing care credit (also another scam )The POP owner used to come for few hours ( gets paid by aspen $1000 for even 1 hour visit)...


Cut short as an MCD (Dentist) of Aspen Dental for new graduates.

1. Please Dont join any POP office, POP makes things worse they dont care about Aspen they only want money and will drive a new dentist nuts.

2. please spend time with your patients.

3. The POP will push for bad dentistry maybe not in few months of your hire date but when he wants to get something out of you.

4. It is your license at stake. The POP will come for few hours and will not be held responsible for any misconduct.

5. POP will make treatment plans with Scaling root planing without seeing pocket depth, Loss of attachment, Mobility..




I also worked a Aspen as a tech. After 2 months the doctor had me working on patients alone with out the dr in the room.

I had to quit or take a chance on a malpractice .

I told my regional manager and she said it's part of the job. I'm going to call the state board and have talked to a attorney about getting unemployment.


These comments are right on. I was hired as an Aspen Manager.

I was unique to the company because I actually had Dental Office Management experience. I am also a CDA. 18 years of experience and they sent me out of state for THREE WEEKS to their OM Training which consisted of a class full of laid-off cell phone sales people whom they brainwash with their "sales" technique. Yes, the salary was nice if you only worked 40 hours a week, or even 50.

OM's in my state worked 60+ hours. We are not in the HOTEL industry, we are PATIENT CARE PROFESSIONALS and DENTISTS, AND ORAL SURGEONS! I am not concerned about an overworked, exhausted person making my bed or checking me in to my room, however, I would be concerned about that same person injecting anesthetic near the nerves in my face or handling a high-speed drill in my mouth.

COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SITUATION....Aspen dental is just like every other dental "chain"......a factory line for patents, doctors, and staff. My advice, NEVER go to a Dentist that does not put his name on the front door.


Part of being a manager is working extra hours if necessary. I am in the hotel industry and we are expected to work a 50 hour week at minimum.

These extra hours aren't always desireable, but that is the price you have to pay if you have a career you would like to advance in. You obviously made the correct decision to resign.

Go find yourself a nice hourly job. The world needs clock punchers too.

This place is a joke they push you to be a sales person. I am absolutly exhausted from working there.

my body hurts every day.

Luckily I just found a new job and will be putting my two weeks in on monday morning. :)

I am having dental issues so I found Aspen was a preffered ppo to my dental insurance. I am so glad I read this before I left my denist of 30 years to try and safe money. I will still have to change I am sure but not to aspen.


I agree with Reality. I worked as a dentist at aspen also.

I feel so much better since I quit working there.

They don't need good dentist, they will always find one with a car salesman's personality that can bully his patients and staff. Good dentists that care about the Patients first get pushed out.


Hi Jim,

The money that is contracted for dentures really doesn't matter. We show the cheap dentures first and then compare them to the highest price model. Then you sell them on Carecredit so the patient can make payments on the difference. It's all about the money.

Aspen could care less about patients.


Great post. As a practicing Dentist is an area that Aspen services, we see all kinds of treatment from these guys.

How do they upcharge PPO dentures and partials? It seems that they go from a denture that they are contracted by Highmark to do for $800 and get the pt to pay $1500!


I also worked for Aspen and the best day I had there was the day I walked out.


I also was an office manager in the state of PA. I walked out one day after factoring in my true "at work" time to determine my actual rate of pay added to the guilt I felt when swindling unususpecting but poor people.

Yes Mr.Toothless! You may make less money as a greeter at Walmart But ,You can sleep better and don't have to be on Antidepressants:(not worth it.By the way I worked as a dentist at Aspen .I feel a lot better after I quit

Boo Hoo. At least you have a job. I hope you love your greeter position at Wal-mart better.

to Toothless in Seatle Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #809524

I understand the frustration of working in a dental office thats all about money.I worked 18 years at another denture lab where I tried to give patients the quality dentures I was trained to make when I spent 2 years in school but the longer I was there the more it became about money than making a denture the patient could wear and eat with.I was ashamed to say I worked there.I truly understand your frustration with working at a " denture mill".i resigned a year ago and wonder if its time to change careers or try to find a dental lab that really cares about the patient1

to wren #841174

Wren,There are great dentists out there willing to pay a great clinical lab tech. I work for one , he truly cares about his patient that's why he employs me to be his technician.

His patients come by word of mouth, there is no sales pitch. I had my own dental lab for years, and I have never seen so much work from one dentist. I could never work in another dental lab, you will never get the big$$, only the dental lab owner will get the fruits of your labor.

My DDS likes giving me bonuses for a job well done, pays well, even takes the entire office on a yearly cruise and that's the way it should be. I love my job!!

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