If you think being a patient is bad try working there! When I first started, I loved my Job.

I couldn't imagine working anywhere else until a few months ago.

The hours that are worked are ridiculous. The "higher staff" are the rudest people ever and hardly ever does the staff receive lunch breaks. It is nothing but a sales company.

I was very ashamed to continue to work there, so I left.

The conditions for the Dentist and assistants working are terrible. They lie to you to get you in and once in, the truth comes to light.

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I actually love working at Aspen Dental. Sure the hours are long and sometimes the patients are rude but for me it's a lot more than just that.

At any job you work at you are going to have the difficult customers or difficult coworkers or even things you don't see eye to eye with the company. That to me sounds all pretty standard. For me Aspen is like a family they Have been there for me through some pretty major events in my life an I couldn't be more blessed to have such an amazing job. The days go quick.

There is something new everyday. I especially love when we do give a patient back their smile back.

To see how happy And appreciative one patient is it just reminds me why I love working with aspen. I get to see people get their lives back.


HI deeabbott81,

I have been to the Lebanon office and no doubt the staff was listening just outside the door. Unless of course the office manager was so unprofessional that she had you sitting at the desks out in the middle of the office.

Aspen dental is complete joke of a company. The upper management is so greedy and they put pressure on the staff to bring in money and make patients pre pay for treatment.


After viewing(3)Aspen Dental position on-line for the Lebanon,TN area, I decided to investigate the Aspen Dental office in person, since I reside in Lebanon,TN which is 35 miles east of Nashville,TN.

Being a person of color, has never posed as a problem for me. I'm always the total professional in appearance and my command of the English language, having graduated from college, from a "top" Iowa University.

While conversing with the Office manager, I quickly noticed in the background behind her, a total of (3) employees, one which was Afro-American, had all briefly stopped, what they had been previously doing to "zero in on our conversation".

"I left with a very strange vibe"


amen brother the place is a complete joke and rips unsuspecting gullible patients off


i was thinking about getting a job in one of their dental labs, what kind of enviroment is it and what should i look forward to if i got a job? stress, long hours,weekend?

do the dentist get made at the lab person making their dentures? would you advise a dental lab person to get a job making dentures for them?

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