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i went to aspen dental in 2004 had many teeth pulled recieved dentures top and botton was told by dr was going to leave 2 teeth on bottom for dentures to hook on to went back in 2007 as the bottom plate was pushing down and making the 2 teeth very large dr recommended new plate which i could never wear now 2011 went back as they had my records and was told my dentures were warranty as had bad toothache they put me in chair dr said we need to pull but you are going to need new plate removed me from chair and sent me to office manger to dissuss money . i said i dont feel i need to pay as was only 7yrs ago proceeded to tell me that i had paridonal disease i asked they why would they leave in two teeth no answer .

as in 2004 i paid them almost 6000.00 then asked them for total breakdown of charges which they gave me .

never mind for 200 they are charging my insurance company for today . call corporate no help so off to attorney general i go

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Monetary Loss: $4170.

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The American Dental Association recommends that dentures are replaced every 7 years, because once teeth are lost the bone is constantly being lost every year altering the fit of dentures. 2 teeth are typically left on the lower arch to help with stability of the lower denture.

the lower denture does not function in the same manner as an upper denture. An upper denture will act as a suction cup and use suction to stay in place because of its shape. The lower denture has no such ability because it is shaped like a horseshoe, and can be very hard for an individual to hold in place and function well with. Because of this it is ideal if possible to keep at least 2 teeth on the lower jaw in order for the denture to clasp on to or sit on top off to hold it in place.

The treatment you describe is not only typical, but advised. Also, it is a physical impossibility for a lower denture to push down and make teeth longer, what you are describing is typical of periodontal disease, in which bone is lost surrounding the roots of teeth and the gums recede making the teeth appear longer. Periodontal disease is the result of poor oral hygiene and by neglecting your dental health, which is not surprising since you have complete dentures in the first place, which indicates you never took care of your teeth.

I'm sorry no one has ever educated you on oral health in the past and that your ignorance has caused you to feel wronged, but the fact is that you received typical care that you would have gotten anywhere. Please take this opportunity now that I have educated you to learn this information and to educate someone else, so that they will not neglect their dental health and end up in dentures as you did.

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