I have paid out $1,292.50 to Aspen Dental in Vestal, N.Y. for services.

Our Insurance paid Aspen Dental this money back in April. We have yet to receive our money back from Aspen Dental. I have filed a complaint to the state attorney's office for fraud. I have been told on numerous occcasions that Aspen Dental will put the money back in my account.

I have spoken daily to their corporate office as well as their Vestal N.Y. office to no avail.

I have never received a call back from Aspen Dental. I have been forced to take legal action.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Location: Middletown, New York

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I have been waiting since April for my dentures thist time they told me they have to send them to new York it will be 4 weeks. Before I get them meanwhile I am unable to chew my food


Went to Aspen in North Syracuse, N.Y in June. My husband had $3600.00 worth of dental work done.

Had to finance it through Care Credit which is owned by GE Capital bank. My insurance company sent the $825.00 check to Aspen instead of me. Now Aspen is telling me they are going to send the money to Care Credit instead of me. I am up to date on my monthly paynents to Care Credit.

Aspen has been paid for their services!!!! It's not their money to decide what to with!!!

Am currently waiting for a call back from the office manager. If I don't get anywhere, I will be filing a complaint with the attorney general of NYS.


I was a patient and went in to get my partial. The partial was tight and the doctor spent a lot of time adjusting it.

It then became loose. He tried to do a permanent reline in my mouth! I found out later they never do that, they are always done in lab and for this reason...The doctor pulled and pulled and couldn't get partial out. I ws crying and in pain, I asked him to stop.

He told me to stop moving around and be still. Eventually the partial came out and I saw that my tooth was attached to it! I put my hand over my mouth and said my tooth, my tooth. The doctor said I'm sorry Terri but that tooth was bad and obviously needed to come out.

Now after speaking to my lawyer and much thought I realize first of all I was not there to have a tooth extraxted nor was I even numbed for this unexpected procedure. I asked him to stop several times to no avail and I just had a complete examination and was told I should keep certain teeth for my partial because they were healthy, and that tooth was one of them.

If you want to hear more there was a special on CBS I think it was. There was a tv segment you all should watch!





i thought this would be a great co.,had to turn down due to these comments.

Glad my family talked me away from them.


are you all that ***? :grin


alveo = alveoplasty which means if you had tooth taken out and it was a hard extraction they may need to shave the bone around it so that its not sharp after


aspen dental in rome ny charges for a

proceedure we never asked for or was

notified of to the tune of $480.

it's called alveo. i tried to find it

on the internet. no such thing.


Aspen Dental in Auburn,NY has our money also. They sent us a form telling us they owe us $222.00 but they were waiting for the insurance to cover $25 .

I wrote a check for the $25 so that we could get our money promptly because our insurance company said that part was our responsibility.

*** me... still no payment.We've been waiting since July 7,2009.

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