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I went to aspen dental was a terrible or deal they do not tell you everything i had an upper plate there I went back to get my plate relined they if they did I fit right so I made a appointment they told me it would coast 299.00 I told them no one told me that at all it didn't say that in the garuntee then she said I don't no why they didn't tell so I couldn't have them relined again until they seen the complaint I had made then they call me to come before that the roof of the plate broke twice they fixed that now in between that time they broke again so I took them back in to be fix again and they relined them again he brung them in he told me that the acrylic was all new well let me ask you does this look like the acrylic look brand new now they still floop around so he told me to use ploygrip if they were relined probably I should have to use ploygrip. Can't bit in to an apple steak celery pickles or anything like do you know how humiliating that is when you go out to eat and they fall out so they tell me you can't do that why the *** not oh and the ploygrip when I drink anything it desolves it so and just the upper plate cost me 1600$ to me that's to much so now tell me what in the *** do I do now? I have to live with these for the rest of my life and stay in and eat and drink this is absolutely uncalled for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This doesn't even make sense


I dentures they make me were horrible. I returned them since there’s a money back guarantee.

They have my dentures and my money. I will be going without teeth the rest of my life because they stole my money.


No comments I know how they do their jobs and yeah they will charge you higher prices on those reliner whivh not necessary to do it.I had top and bottom that needed no poligrip on it.But they really messed my set of dentures.But my question is where is my credit card that I never got from comenity bank?? Guess what???

It’s going to be shut down cause of the money I don’t have???? They do hardship programs to make it lower but you will never get your dentures fixed ever again.So what’s next???


I am so sorry that has happened to you. I have been victim of bad dentists too and I suggest you call the ADA and local government about this Practice.Perhaps a social worker with the County you live in can hook you up with with new plates or give you leads to Universities with Dental Programs that may also be able to help you.

I wish I were able to get you a brand new set myself but I will pray for you.

You deserve compassion as well as the ability to EAT properly. Best wishes ~


Nobody's palate is shaped like the area just above the posterior palatal seal area of the denture in the photo. There was probably a huge void in the reline impression in this area.

No wonder the denture does not fit correctly.

Of course, a decent dental lab would not process a denture reline with such a large impression defect. Of course at Aspen everything is different....


Cheaply made denture with bad fit and Aspen providing no follow up on problems after you paid. Sounds just like what aspen is known for. Give us your money, hit the door and don't come back.


Wow, $1600 would have almost paid for a quality denture like good dentists in private practice fabricate.

RELINES put new plastic over the old plastic. That is the norm and what most patients get.

Only COMPLETE REBASES eliminate all old plastic. It is much more expensive because all the plastic must be drilled out around all the teeth. Rarely are rebases done.

Breakage of dentures rarely occurs unless- 1. they are dropped on a tile floor, 2.

fit poorly and patient has strong jaw muscles, or 3.

denture was made cheaply using cold cure acrylic instead of heat cured., or 4. plastic in roof of mouth was made too thin.

If fracture is a recurring problem it is usual to reinforce the palate of the denture with metal.

Don't you wish you had saved your natural teeth now?


Take them back...they have a money back guarantee. If they don't honor that, go to your state attorney general, and file a complaint. And call the local news, they might tell your story.


Everyone mouth is shaped different you can tell what their tori looks like