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Was told I shouldn't need to go back but this is what my re-line looked like. They put it back n said all good

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1339915

The reline is put in the other side of the denture, goofy! Your photos did not show a thing wrong.

Relines are done when the denture teeth are not worn out. Many dentists like me use a test reline of impression material first to make sure enough improvement can be made before committing the patient to a lab reline.

Incidentally, permanent relines done with plastic mixed up and cured in the mouth are not much good.

to ClydeDDS Greer, South Carolina, United States #1340959

I do realize that the reline was fine but you do you notice that white residue all over the place scraped my tongue allll over. The pic shows it on bottom teeth clearly and top sides

to Anonymous Greer, South Carolina, United States #1340961

Wasn't upset with reline but the aftermath scraping tongue

to Anonymous Greer, South Carolina, United States #1340964

She pulled 21 teeth. With no pain.

I do not know how to use this site properly.

I am new to not having teeth but she has helped me greatly I am learning dentures Its new. She is a great help.

to Anonymous Topeka, Kansas, United States #1341623

Yes, with the subsequent photos I see the extra reline material that was not cleaned up properly. That is why I only do lab relines and not in-the-chair relines. Problem is, few patients are willing to give up their dentures for a day for a lab reline.

to ClydeDDS #1504800

Clyde...... Are you a dentist if so where do you practice?Im having a horrible experience with a set of dentures already and I only have temp number 1 in my mouth.I Can visually see that the top back teeth on one side are tilted inward giving me less space back of younger between sides ....as well as I Can feel they aren't " level" from one side of the denture to the other so it rocks.

If I bite no matter what I do one side will fall or the other.I also feel like the back teeth are too much fun not enough tooth and no depth to the tooth to meet my natural bptyom teeth soon to be pulled and replaced as well.Dentist didn't like how wide my original teeth were done chose to downsize and try a better look rather than sticking to what my teeth were along with it seems to have reduced the width of where the teeth should be now.Any feedback advice ? Because I'm a patient who's NOT afraid for what I'm laying at almost 9k to be super estimate about what end up the end result....and I won't let them continue unless ican put stock in it.Should I go find a second opinion prior to my next appointment on what they have molded in my mouth now?

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