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Paid a lot for dentures that don't fit right,rubbing sores in my mouth,hate the dentures .I have had them adjusted several times and still the same old way.You can look at them and tell that they are not right,one sid higher than other side,Also,when they pulled my teeth which I'm not sure they all needed it,but left a tag left in my gum,which goes numb and hurts at times.I would love to get my money back where I could get some new ones somewhere else.You can sit them the the part that is the roof and see they are not right.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of aspen dental dentures. Aspen Dental needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #963238

Looks like a normal cheap denture to me.Some patients have high palates and the dentures look like this.

Some people's mouths are not symmetrical.

Can't really conclude anything from these pictures.Would have to see how they fit in your mouth.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #963218

Man, did you make a mistake going to a joint like that!They routinely extract teeth than can and should be saved, to pave the way for their cr@ppy dentures.

How much better off you would have been with a few teeth and partial dentures, or a couple of roots and an overdenture. Too late now!

Patient discover too late that dentures are no panacea. Then it costs thousands to go back and have implants.

Don't know why you chose this den of thieves for treatment. Was it the TV ads promising all the money you would save.

Now try getting the problem rectified, or your money refunded. Got a few thousand dollars to hire a lawyer? A complaint to the board of dentistry won't help either as they are operating illegally anyway.

It is always more prudent to trust a local independent businessman for a service rather than a corporate chain.

Next time, go to a private dentist with his own practice that has a good reputation in the community.Try and look for the cheapest dentures out there and you will only be scammed again.

to Seasoned Dentist Charleston, South Carolina, United States #963295

No one leaves roots and an overdenture anymore old man. Practice with some techniques from this century. Maybe some implants????


to anonymous Syracuse, New York, United States #963334

aspen dental should hand each person that walks in aspen a bottle of lube. That way it will not be so painful when they are piped hard by aspen.

to anonymous #1013145

Overdentures or partials with attachments are used routinely in prosthodontics, cost thousands less than implants, require much less surgery and can be modified with implants if and when the need arises.Google "telescopic denture" ***.

Many countries like Germany and Sweden consider them a standard of care.Obviously you printed your own dental degree from Photoshop or, if you are a dentist, you have no *** clue how to do any of the above and should be embarrassed.

to anonymous Topeka, Kansas, United States #1215551

No one leaves roots and does overdentures who works in fleabag corporate dental clinics, apparently. As for not being done anymore, just look in the Removable Prosthodontic section of DentalTown.com.

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