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Update by user Jan 11, 2018

Thought I would show my teeth a few month before all this happened. Also thought I would share I did call Aspen he department.

They wanted to know how they could fix the problem that was caused. I stated give me teeth. Teeth I can wear and use. That was the last time i was ever talked to fro them I have tried and tried to find someone to take my case but dental suits are impossible.

Btw thought I would share the reason I even went in. The worst thing is I went in for a tooth ache under a bridge.. after seeing g a few dentist a few this all say my mouth won't ever fit dentures if I want teeth I need some for of a bone graphed and implants.

And me living on disability and making 680 a month wont ever be able to afford them. And will have to live with regluing them all day.

Original review posted by user Jan 08, 2018

I was told my teeth needed to be pulled and needed dentures. I trusted Dr.

Lee. Instead my 1-2 appointment became 5. Sometime during my extractionstay Dr. Lee slipped and the tool she was using into the back of my jaw.

Pain was out of this world. After massaging the pain in my jaw and temple she went back to pulling teeth. I have no clue how many shots of novicain I had just know I needed more and more to not feel the pain. Which she tried to tell me was just pressure.

I am 50 years old and a high pain tolerance I know the difference between the two. Fast forward my next visit I let her know my jaw and temple still hurt really bad and then she denied doing anything. Wait what? I explained how the dentures didn't fit as well and was told I'm still healing and again I didn't know what I was talking about.

They were flexing in my mouth and the upper teeth didn't even touch my bottom teeth they fitted wider the my lower. My lower are still my natural teeth. Fast forward next appointment same complaints along with letting her know my front lips don't touch because the dentures sat way up behind my nose pushing my top lip up. I couldn't close to even sucks on a straw my lips don't touch.

She at that point got very rude telling it will be better when I am healed and in a month would put my soft liner in. She couldn't care less how much pain I was in. I had enough found a new dentist he gasp when he saw my mouth. At that point I knew Dr Lee had messed up.

And the new dentist agreed with all the issues I was having. He asked to see my exrays and was shocked he said I did NOT need dentures. I cried. Went home talked to my husband and decided I would have this dentist be my new one.

In the meantime before the big swith my upper dentures finally flexed for the last time and shattered . Now fast forward Aspen refunded my insurance the cost of my denture but my secondare insurance they turned around and billed March 3. They didn't Bill both of my insurances. Just one explains why it cost so much.

They robbed me of my smile. They robbed me of money. They falsely Bill my insurances procedures they didn't do. Over Billing my insurances.

Dr. Lee shouldn't be a Dr. I could keep going on but I think you get the point. And as far as Billing even their corporate headquarters was falsely billing.

My mouth is so bad with the bone loss of her cutting it out. I need snap in dentures or something. I don't have enough bone for a full upper denture. I am a T.V.

Extra and am missing out on work because I have no teeth!!! I could go on and on. I can't even find Dr Lee at Aspen anymore. I am now a year later and I have a flat roof of my mouth because she cut all the bone out of the back of my mouth.

My dentures won't stay in because there is no bone for them to really form too. I did take pictures every time she stepped out thank goodness. Even though she told me I couldn't.

Warning graphic. Here are a couple

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 8101 NE Parkway Dr # F2, Vancouver, WA 98662, USA

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I encourage you to report Aspen Dental to the state. They were disciplined in 2013 for issues and the state released them from that discipline because the state thinks they are doing better. https://www.doh.wa.gov


I know the feeling and I know they won't fix nobody dentures right.I pray everyday and night that I can find a way to get me a new dentures cause they messed my dentures so bad that it doesn't fit right...I don't see how they lived with theirselves not knowing how it makes them looked bad by messing up patients dentures and don't care how much money and debts they causes..In the long runs they will have to answered to God when their judgements day comes...


I am so sorry you went through that! Which location did you go to?

It's a shame that there are so many dentists and so few who actually care. Dr. B pulled one of my teeth out and it broke while she was pulling it. Before it was over with I ended up with *** in my gums that they never stitched shut so to this day food gets trapped in there and it's been almost a year.

I have severe sinus issues that I did NOT have prior to this visit. My lymph nodes stay swollen on that side and frequently I get bubbles in my ears and can't hear. They literally screwed up m hearing! MY insurance doesn't cover that!

I called to report this but they refused contact with me. Probably afraid of a lawsuit!


Oh how we know your pain. If you join B.A.D.

you will have plenty of company. Consider visiting www.boycottaspendental.com and let us know if we can help you.


The first thing to find out is if you signed an informed consent to have your teeth extracted while you were lucid and unsedated. If you did, you have no legal case.

If no informed consent can be found by Aspen, you have a good case.

Like all dentists that work for Aspen (no, none of them OWN the clinics), Dr. Lee got gone as soon as she could find a better job. Fact of the matter is Aspen pressures dentists like her to extract teeth and place dentures.

As was uncovered in a lawsuit in 2013, they also encourage dentists to fraudulently bill extractions at a higher dental code to produce more revenues.

Corporate clinics like Aspen are a menace to patient welfare. Complain to your state attorney general.


Hi sorry I keep forgetting to come here and read reply. I contacted the A.G.

The pissed off Aspen they asked to handle it no on the website or through the AG that should say something. They told AG my Dr was the owner whom is male But my Dr eas a female. I did get a letter they wanted to speak to me. They won't return a phone call.

So I'm sharing my story. All my photos. I need to find where they have asked me to please stop posting such negative things that are untrue until it can be resolved. Pft what ever.

Had another surgery not even 2 weeks ago. I have 1 more by the end of the year I might have a new photo. I haven't posted one in 5 yrs.

I'll age fast over night freak everyone out. Lol


And above is 1 of a handful of reasons I totally fear seeing a dentist. And I'm really not going now.

Omg. I could cry seeing the pics and reading abt this poor woman's terrible exp. I am so sorry for what you've gone thru. It doesn't change anything but just hangI there.

Maybe a miracle will happen. So So sorry for your trauma. ).

. ;


You should not fear dentists. You should fear private equity investors owning dental clinics illegally, and putting the gun to dentists heads to overtreat patients, like this poor woman. There is a world of difference between dentistry in corporate dental chain clinics and dentistry in the hands of caring dentists who own and operate their own practices.


Thank you for a clear and concise account of what must be a ghastly experience.

Cry is right !

And scream, cuss, feel hopeless, ugly, have trouble eating ... etc.

I know a lot more than I ever wanted to learn about dental issues.

I'm really sorry to read your completely justified complaint because I feel very badly for you and have true empathy for your condition.

You seem really smart and tough and even though you got hacked I think you will correct what you can and accommodate the rest. Best wishes from here on out ---


When I looked at the first photo, I also thought, "I can't believe the dentist did not save any of those teeth!" At least saving the two canine roots with root canals would have made a world of difference.

It never works when you extract front and back teeth at the same time and IMMEDIATELY put a denture in. No dental textbooks teach this.

You have got to extract only the back teeth, let the bone heal at least 3 months, THEN begin extracting the immediate denture.

It is so sad when patients go to crooked hacks advertising on TV instead of real dentists. So often times they get butchered like you did.

And many times the damage is irreversible.

You state dental board can't help because this crooked outfit is probably operating illegally in your state. Not much you can do is threaten a lawsuit, but Aspen has lawyers like you can never afford.

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