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had 12 teeth pulled with only shots put in mouth to num , was told i was hving surgery, this ws so painful i stil have nitemares about it, then ws snt home with 6 pills for pain, was told i would not have to go without teeth and then ended up without teeth for months, now 6 months with denture it has broke in half and you can see thru where was repaired, never would i want some to go thru what i did

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Newburgh, Indiana, United States #862816

Don't go to any Aspen Dental.I had to get dentures so I went to Aspen.

The dentures they made did not fit. The dentist who pulled my teeth finally said they did not fit. Shortly after that he left the company. In total I made 9 visits to get them adjusted.

Turns out they were not made out of the material I purchased. I got a basic set instead and I was not informed that I had a basic set which cost $700 and not the $1800 set I am paying for. The only reason I know this is because one of the techs told me. When the lab tech was asked about it she said she didn't have the material I ordered.

I now have 2 sets of dentures I can't wear and the more expensive set is shabbily made. The dentist I saw said they couldn't fit me and I needed to get dental implants! Sure!

I'm going to give them more of my money?I don't think so!

Topeka, Kansas, United States #858068

I extract 12 teeth and more quite frequently with local anesthetic.Sometimes patients want laughing gas and I give them that; sometimes I give them some Valium to take before the appointment.

Did you tell the dentist you wanted IV sedation and were willing to pay for it? It is not usually covered by insurance and costs a good deal.

But giving you a prescription for only 6 pain relievers after this much surgery is kind of ridiculous.

Why did you lose all those teeth? Did you WANT them all pulled? It is rare that I cannot save at least two teeth on each arch for overdentures or partial dentures.

Now you probably wished you had saved your teeth, don't you?

Patients always think that having their teeth extracted and dentures put in is a walk in the park, and everything will be a bed of roses after that. It isn't. Bone chips work their way to the surface and must be removed. The bones and gums change very rapidly, so even if a denture fits perfectly to start with, it will not fit well for long.

Soon a reline or a second denture must be constructed.

Extractions and full dentures are almost never the cheapest option. They are never the best option, either.

You made a big mistake in treatment, and another big mistake in selecting a sleazy corporate chain dental clinic, owned by investors instead of dentists, to have treatment. Unfortunately, your only other option besides dentures is to go back and have implants...

Find an honest and competent dentist who owns his or her own practice, and stick with him.Forget the cheesy chain dental offices.

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to Seasoned Dentist #896322

Well by the sounds of you, I would not want your rudeness near me by an inch..Tell us how you really feel..So it was her/his fault?

That, in a nutshell is what you said..You actually sound like your drinking!Go !@#$ your self you arrogant drunken "seasoned dentist" LOL

to babyface Palmetto, Georgia, United States #992106

This person did not take care of his teeth, then made the *** decision to have them all extracted. THEN he made the idiotic decision to go to the sleaziest clinic around. Some people apparently are beyond help!

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