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On Monday this week I book an appointment for a toothache, I get x Rays, and see a doctor and purposely check no dental insurance, I have dental coverage, estimate for repair two root canals and filling 8600. I was rushed to financianing department, sign here or pay, so I schedule two extractions for today Friday jan 15, I call my insurance and they say I'm covered for the dental work, I arrive today and show up for appointment , receptionist pulls my file and shows me this is what it will cost to start, I give her my insurance card so she can re run the cost (already knowing my coverage plan amounts), after she calls my insurance , I'm standing at the desk observing, I watch her shred my documents in my file, right in front of my face, mind you I have copies in my hand from Monday, then I get presented with new documents for my work,All the pricing had went up, I was astonished, I felt great and I was treated with the utmost respect now ,pay this amount and submit to your insurance, this made me feel better about being taken advantage of due to the fact that all my services are covered from my insurance 100% I am just to pay 50.00 deductible, this is per insurance agent , covers root canals, and crowns, etc, so I leave after the finance lady says I need all this work, I reply with I need to check with my spouse , I have three children, after reevaluating new line of work it will only cost and I was told from finance department I have a disesease and needed deep cleaning for 2500 hundred bucks, I reply "are you a dr and why didn't he dr say anything to me about this?" You need this sign here now or you will lose your teeth!

At this point I asked my insurance for a second opinion covered, in network just like aspen, I hope I save, from the price gouging, these people are *** thieves, and definitely full of ***!

I have all documents to support this bullsshit, I don't recommend this place for anything! Good luck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Topeka, Kansas, United States #1096219

Why didn't the dentist say anything about this? Because most of the treatment plan was probably cooked up by the office manager.

If she doesn't bill enough services and produce enough revenue that month, she will lose her job. It doesn't matter if the procedures were really needed or not.

That is what happens when states turn their heads and let Wall Street *** own dental practices, which is against the law in most states.

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