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Went to an Aspen Office in Maine found out i needed two crowns and two fillings which would take four visits. So far no problem, had one crown and one filling done, went back for my second crown and filling.

Found out during the visit that they ship your impressions to CHINA to make crowns. WTF!!!! I make a point to buy made in America-so i am now stuck with one crown made in China and another on the way!

They should tell a patient beforehand, it is still their mouth after all.

In my opinion they purely care about the bottom line and being a franchise i would consider them the McDonalds of Dentistry.

Next time i'm going to a dentist who cares more about his patients rather than his (their) bank balance.

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Alice Fryer
What a lie, Willie D. Amazing what you can achieve with a bit of PR spin.

"Unquestionable Integrity - Our values begin with a belief that we will do the right thing, even when it is not the easiest path to success. When faced with tough decisions, we exhibit unquestionable integrity consistently making the right moral, ethical decision. This is in the long term interests of our customers, employees, dental patients and share holders. All of our other values are built upon this foundation." :sigh

:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin
Alice Fryer
Everyone deserves to have a smile. :sigh Right Willie D??
:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin
Oh, so when there you don't have any more arguments, you resort to the insults? Well, you can think whatever you want.
You can think whatever makes you feel happy. I do not care.
Alice Fryer
For several reasons I have concluded you, "DDS" blogger, are no stinkin' dentist. Enjoy your smoke and mirrors pay packet while you can. Good luck and best wishes.
"It is quite amazing what one is allowed to get away with when wearing a white lab coat and juxtapositioning words to mimick established science." That is exactly what Dr like he are doing. So I read one of Dr. Huggins articles about the root canal treated teeth and how bad are they for you. It is based on some numbers from 1920's !!!! You think the techniques and materials changed from then???? BTW in my 20years of practicing dentistry I did not put one amalgam in. But that is not the point here.
I looked up Dr. Huggins. Pretty impressive list of violations and misconducts.
In 1995, the Colorado State Board of Dental Examiners held twelve days of hearings related to complaints brought against Hal Huggins. On February 29, 1996, Administrative Law Judge Nancy Connick recommended that Huggins's license should be revoked gross negligence and other professional misconduct. Huggins did not appeal, and his license was subsequently revoked. The judge's report contained 235 findings of fact, of which 17 are reproduced below, followed by the full text of the judge's conclusions and decision. Huggins's license was revoked in 1996. In 2007, the Board concluded that Huggins was engaging in the unlawful practice of dentistry by providing services in a dental clinic that he owned. Huggins denied the Board's allegations but signed a stipulated cease and desist order under which he agreed to not do what he was charged with and to stop using the title "D.D.S." in the State of Colorado unless he clearly discloses that he is not licensed to practice in Colorado. The full text of Judge Connick's 71-page report is posted on Casewatch.
Findings of Fact

4. For the past 22 years, Respondent [Huggins] has limited his practice of dentistry to the diagnosis and treatment of patients he believes are mercury toxic due to the placement in their mouths of dental amalgam filings which contain mercury.

6. Respondent originally used amalgams in his dental
... Show more
Alice Fryer
Ask your dentist for the material safety data sheet listing all of the ingredients in your crown. It is your right to have this information. Report them to the local health authorities if they do not comply. Dentsply International (also has a presence in China now) holds the original US Patent for the technology of adding fluorescent Uranium to ceramic used to make artificial teeth. Current nanoceramic technology associated with dentistry likely utilizes chemically toxic and radioactive heavy metal powders. "Ceramic" isn't what you thought it was. The best way to determine your exposure to toxic heavy metals is not through hair analysis but via a urine challenge test which you can have done through your GP. Also research biocompatible dentistry and then look into Dr. Huggins practice in Colorado for more info as well. You can always sue your dentist or the lab on a breach of contract basis if you discover your crowns are made with toxic heavy metals. You did not agree to have poison placed in your mouth. Good luck and spread the word.

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