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I simply cannot believe how badly I was treated as a new patient and am giving thanks for being smart enough to bail out on them before doing a mouthful of expensive dental work. I made an appointment with them because they were recommended by my insurance company.

There were 12 or so dentists listed and I thought it would be a way to get quality service--ha ha. There is one dentist, maybe two--the rest are "corporate dentists that don't exist locally." They are scamming our insurance company. It took me a 6 week wait to get in and then I had my appointment. I filled out the traditional paperwork and then got back to have my x-rays.

Then I was taken back to a dental work area and chair where I sat for well over 50 minutes, being entertained by an office gal explaining their services. Finally the gruff dentist came and fussed at me when he lowered the seat and I couldn't get back there fast enough because of the metal bar holding my back together. He saw me for about ten minutes and made his dental plan which may be correct. Who knows.

After that, I waited again and then spent about 40 minutes with the smarmy office dude who ran my credit through two credit companies and talked money this and money that. I left with the plan to contact them the next day with my dentist insurance information t he next day. I did just that and then tried to find out what was next. I called and they made an appointment for me to have impressions done for my future upper denture.

I went for that appointment and it turned out to be a "not appointment" but more time with Mr. Smarmy. I again tried to talk to him about the dental procedure I needed and how I wanted to do it. However, that guy couldn't manage to work with me and I accepted that I had no choice.

Anyway, that bugged me a lot, so I contacted my dental insurance company and got some other names. I found a good local dental group who got me in in two days and they are not so distant and so prepared to avoid any patient care. Patient care, isn't that a novel idea for a dentist??? Grr-rr.

I think I dodged a bullet--but it was a big battle to get my x-rays for the new dentist. I am sure that I can't get the insurance company to cover them again and I wanted them. It took two phone call scenes and then one in the office when I went to pick them up.

YEP, I dodged a bullet!! WooHoo!!

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Moline, Illinois, United States #780014

As I read some of the other complaints--I remember also getting soaked for a $60 cancer screen where they shined a black light in my mouth for about 2 minutes and said I was mouth cancer free. They pressured me to do this and made it sound like I was puttingmy life in jeopardy by not agreeing to this service.

This appointment was almost three years ago and I remember the frustration and aggravation as clearly as if it were yesterday--and I moved on.

The trick was getting out of there asap!! I did it.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #779876

And why do you think there are no honest dentist on your insurance list? Because NO DENTIST can make any money treating people honestly with your *** dental plan.

You are wasting your money on your dental plan. Put the same money you spend on it in a savings account, and find yourself a decent private practice who owns his own office and does not mess with crumby dental plans.

If you select dentists based on *** DMO or PPO lists, you are selecting for the most desperate dentists in practice!

to henrius Moline, Illinois, United States #780010

You are mistaken about my dental plan and honest dentists. I have a plan through my employer and have found three people who we all liked.

I went with the first of them and have no complaints at all. Aspen makes themselves sound capable, accommodating and easy to work with--and it is becoming more and more clear that they are not even service providers, but in it for the money and that is it. I learned a lot on that visit to Aspen and the biggest thing is that they are lousy and in it for the money.

I kept returning subsequent mailings from them including their coupons and sales papers and finally, they took me off of their mailing list. Good riddance, I'm done with them--found good care from Myo-Tech and dodged a bullet and a lot of trouble with cheap and badly made dentures!!

to enuff81020 Atlanta, Georgia, United States #780037

I don't know a thing about your plan. BUT if it consists of a small list of dentists, the plan is ***.

If it was a great plan, why did you even consider a corporate clinic to start with.

Unless it is HEAVILY subsidized by your employer, dental insurance is a waste of money. Why? Administrative costs eat up 30% of every premium dollar. There is simply no way you can put $600 a year in some dental plan, and get $1000 per year out of it.

Year over year, on average, you are going to get $420 out of it if you are lucky.

To choose a dentist based on insurance plan is moronic. You are selecting for the most desperate dentists in town. Tell your employer a far more efficient way to pay for dental treatment is a FLEX plan or Direct Reimbursement. Both give complete freedom of choice.

Patients always think the profit on dental treatment is enormous.

It isn't The average buy runs on overhead of 70%, and many have even higher overhead. To discount the 30-50% most of this *** plans require would make them lose money.

So what do they do? They use cheap labs. They use non-precious metals.They charge for things usually free, like laughing gas.

They don't abuse patients as badly as the corporate clinics, but they have to treat them differently.

In any event, I am glad you find a dentist you like. But selecting them by insurance dictate is a huge mistake I see so many patients making.

to henrius Moline, Illinois, United States #780352

You may well be right, but our work policy does cover a lot of dentists. I have a lot of health issues and miss work over them, so I was looking for a dentist who could fit me in easily on my time.

They listed about a dozen dentists in their practice, so I figured they had great after work type hours. (I sure didn't know where to go look for someone--I ended up with a local dentist team who were wonderful, did a lot of extras as well.) Anyway, Aspen flat out lies--they had one dentist at their site and all of those other guys were in Denver and New York and timbuktu. That was one of the scam services they offered. Like I originally said, I dodged the bullet.

I never thought about looking them up online until after I went to them. If I ever need another professional service, I will see what I can find out first because anywhere you see Aspen mentioned, it's a horror story from start to finish. I'm guessing that it's their corporate policy because once I looked them up, I found horror story after horror story from coast to coast.

As others have mentioned, it's scary to think about all of the really elderly people who were in their waiting room. I guess there is no way to protect people you don't know--but this helps and was therapeutic as well.


I have a broken, abcess tooth called my local Aspen Dental, Florence,SC. to see if they took walk-in emergencies.

YES we do but...OMGoodness, I was given every opportunity in 30sec. but to walk in. I was told that if I walked in without a appt. I take the chance of not being seen at all~ Then after listening to someone that sounded like she was reading from a skit sheet, I was asked to hold while she talked to the dentist.

After about 3-4 min. she comes back and tells me that they can see me in FEBRUARY 2012 but she is sorry I am in so much pain! (But I was just told that they take walk-ins and emergency patients) Seriously, If there is one thing in this world that stands true next to GOD's word...WE CAN'T FIX ***!!!! Aspen, You just lost out on a potentially great customer $$$ as I not only need other dental work done my husband is planning on dentures the first part of the year (hey,wait a minute-He can get in during the month of February-lol) and I am sure that would have cost him a little $$$ regardless of who and when he is seen!

Happy New Year Aspen Dental, I will be sure to spread the word in Florence, SC. :( :cry :cry :cry :cry


Wow my appointment went exactly the same. I swear it was the same wait 1 hour appointment (on my lunch break) turned into a 3 1/2 hour appointment.

I ran when they started talking money (its when I realized they were a scam). I found a great dentist who I love, I am getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday with a great surgeon and I just thank my lucky stars I didn't get sucked into the scam at Aspen. I did waste my free x-rays and Dr. visit on Aspen and had to pay out of pocket for the other doctor but so worth it.

The only thing that bothers me is all of the seniors who were in that waiting room when I went.

It breaks my hear to think a big corporate beast is taking advantage of seniors. They ought to be ashamed of themselves!

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