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If you have been a patient of Aspen Dental and you believe that you have received unacceptable dental care resulting in:

- Physical injury associated with the dental care provided

- Unnecessary, excessive or questionable dental treatment

- Poorly fitting or cosmetically unacceptable dentures

- Protracted pain after your dental procedure

- Emotional Distress as a result of your dental visit

- Financial abuse which you cannot resolve with Aspen Dental

You may have a Legal Right to financial compensation – at no cost to you.

A multi-state Class Action Lawsuit is forming against the Aspen Dental Group. If you would like to have your complaint against Aspen Dental considered for inclusion in this action, please send a complete description of your "Aspen" experience, including your name, contact email address and phone number to the following email address:


The more information you are able to provide in support of your complaint against Aspen Dental, the more "power" your complaint will carry.

All information provided by you will be treated as strictly confidential and will be shared with no one except the attorneys involved with the preparation of this action. There is absolutely no cost to you to have your voice heard. Register today!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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Going thru issues with Aspen now. Had my teeth pulled at the Gallatin,TN.

office. Temp dentures were way too big and never fit right. Now after 8 months with no teeth, they tell me I need to see an oral surgeon to get my gums reshaped and bone removed at a costs of 10,000.00. Asked abt them covering the cost no calls back.

Surgery is supposed to be done 9-12-2019. What a nightmare. Have lost over 26lbs and now down to 100lbs. trying to eat without teeth.

All the reviews were 100% for the Gallatin office that's why Iused them. The last 3 visits my dentist wasn't even there. I find out that he is a traveling dentist. Checked up on the ADA site, neither are members.

The other Dentist was wrote up by the State of TN. for not continuing her education credits and turning them in as required to practice.


Please add me to the lawsuit. I paid $9,434 IN ADVANCE in January 2019!

I was then referred out to another dentist 2 hours away because Dr Redfin from Lisbon CT found not do the work correctly.

NOW WHAT A SURPRISE they will not return my funds! SHAME ON THEM!


pls add me to the class action lawsuit i posted my experience in april with regard to the Akrobn Ohio office Dr Mauer. was in pain with a bad wisdom tooth that needed atention I ended up being high pressured into a DEEP Cleaning whichb was ttotaally unneeded and had to wait for the tooth to be pulled at the time of signing contract i had vicodin in my system for the pain and was NOT thinking straight


I went to one in Orlando for a second opinion and a new onset pain area on right upper side of a tooth connect to my bridge. I was happy to get the free exam and X-rays but got in next day went for many X-rays then exam that ended up with them calling out numbers the root canals etc then the very young dentist said I need to consider having all my real teeth pulled and dentures I was crying so bad.

They said the treatment girl would give two plans. All I went for was to get out of pain and decide what teeth needed pulled of 3 . Not some huge unaffordable plan. So I’m in tears ( not to mention pain cause they poked wiggled several times the teeth causing pain so now the teeth r mad.

So after trying financing failed cause I’m not working, the girl seems inexperienced, said bring in hubby to try. Oh next plan was extract the two infected teeth one which is an eye tooth so have to remove bridge which is fine then get a partial that in their words is only for looks which all they care bout. So I told them I cannot make decisions till talk to hubby the script for one Valium for day of extraction was taken away after I couldn’t make appointment or pay but asked anyway can I make any payment now NOooo. So I get home I’m in increasingly worsening pain then my face swelling up on right side.

I was miserable. I call after hours and ask if it’s normal to only call back three times then this 30yr old dr calls me and remember me, she says try ice duhhh did and that antibiotics take a days to work, I know that! But suffering now oh and to take Motrin which I did but switch between that and Tylenol. This is my theory, they want u in pain so u agree hastily to say I’ll pay anything to get outta pain !

I seriously cannot imagine having these teeth pulled especially the canine I heard them talking was a difficult pull! I was a mess all night. I didn’t have to try crying tears just poured, them I get up this morning I felt better but as soon as I bit into something it all started again and I could feel the swelling!

I felt hopeless till I read all the negative reviews! I’m not sure I qualify for a law suit but adding to concerns for others looking for a private dentist


Please add me to your lawsuit. Aspen dental dental In Fargo ND is no good either.

told me I needed a deep cleaning never explained the procedure.

my teeth are in horrible shape after going to aspen, changed color,shifted, my teeth are in pain a lot. I never had tooth sensitivity before their so called deep cleaning heidakin138@gmail.com


Please add my complaint to the suit. I just received a 2 day FedExpress envelope from the new company that just took over their accounts indicating if I don't make a payment within 4 days they will proceed with possible legal action. After the nonsense they did to me I would love for a judge to hear the abuse and mistreatment that Aspen Dental gave to me.


I'm adding my complaint with full details. They changed my end product without my approval after they pulled all my upper teeth.

I'm about to lose my mind. They are taking money, lots of it, by bad unscrupulous practice.


I am sending my complaint details against Aspen Dental to you to review for the class action lawsuit. They have been the worst experience of my life. Nathaniel Harris

Kara Rein

Please add me .... I’ve been dealing with these people for 9 month absolutely emotionally traumatized!

They gave me crooked dentures then replaced and redone... was shocked they offered. Just got home and they don’t fit they told me just use adhesive . The crooked ads teeth one I had at least fit!

I cannot deal with these people any more! 4000 for ***

@Kara Rein

I'm half way through and too, am completely traumatized.


Why resort to a class action lawsuit, instead of pursuing your own? Class actions pay pennies on the dollar.


My story started in June of 2016 Went to Aspen to get dental implants was charged for upper and lower received upper plate lower implants was told 6,875.65 was total but on order to complete the implants it would cost me 2,899 more what's even worse the implants have to be glued in and the plate does not fit properly Could not afford this but can not afford a lawyer Have all paper work if needed will gladly send to uou


Has there been a class action suit? The original message is from 2010.


PLEASE, PLEASE add me to this list. This ripoff is as big as the Bernie Madoff ripoff.

I have been wearing dentures for many years and was pleased or very pleased with the work every time.

I spent so many thousands of dollars with these people and I have never been so hurt and disappointed words cannot even describe the mess I have in my mouth. I hate to talk or smile my mouth is an absolute mess.


Me too!


Add me to list! Very disgusted with Aspen, They make there $$ selling Dentures, That is all!!!

I got sucked in! Been back for adjustments 28 times, Totally disgusted!!


I would like to be added to this as well. As a result of oral surgery with aspen dental... I now have nerve damage.


I would like To be added to the class action.


I would like to be added to this Class action lawsuit. I had been going to Aspen Dental in N.H.

For the last 5to 6 years. Had my cleanings done every 6 months. They did 2 root canals 2 years ago. Both are failing because cavity's were not filled properly .

My new dentist tells me all my teeth have cavity's. Aspen never said a word about this to me. Also have major bone loss in the front bottom teeth that they also never said anything about either.

I spent a lot of money to find out it's going to cost me many many more dollars to try and save what teeth I have left. Beside's the major anxiety that I have now.