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If you have been a patient of Aspen Dental and you believe that you have received unacceptable dental care resulting in:

- Physical injury associated with the dental care provided

- Unnecessary, excessive or questionable dental treatment

- Poorly fitting or cosmetically unacceptable dentures

- Protracted pain after your dental procedure

- Emotional Distress as a result of your dental visit

- Financial abuse which you cannot resolve with Aspen Dental

You may have a Legal Right to financial compensation – at no cost to you.

A multi-state Class Action Lawsuit is forming against the Aspen Dental Group. If you would like to have your complaint against Aspen Dental considered for inclusion in this action, please send a complete description of your "Aspen" experience, including your name, contact email address and phone number to the following email address:

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1958 of 2060 Aspen Dental reviews

Feb 09 #1283762 Oviedo, Florida, United States


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Aug 28, 2013 #708008 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Went to aspen dental to get teeth made about 2 yrs ago. I then got cancer and could not go back until this month aug 2013 , t I went to get a reline and now they are worse than before the office manager said to make me me new bottoms would cost me & 800.00 . When I was in there Tuesday aug 27 th , the manager said he will make me new bottoms but it would cost me &1000.oo . How could the price change in a weeks time. I as him why so much ,he said prices go up. I told him I did not have that kind of money so I left. Now I am trying to find another dentist. I think that aspen dental should be shut down. They say things to you that are not true.

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Oct 30, 2012 #562028

:cry i went to Aspen dental 3 times,.the first time i went because i was having a problem with a crown in the front that was loose, all it needed was to be taken out and gluded back in,, no they tried to say it was more then that it might of need it replaced with a bridge, or a inplanted,, i told them never mind.. i wend back to the original dentist and he gluded it for me no problem.. next time i went there they told me i need peridol cleaning,,not a regular cleaning,, this ended up costing me over $1200.00 i ended up taking a credit card out to pay for this,,,also they said it can not wait it had to be done right away..third time i wend back for a cleaning they said i need a perioal cleaning which means maintance cleaning for my procedule done it cost me $200.00 and told me that my insurance paid some of it... i contacted my insurance and they told me they dont cover this procedule..they lied to me i called them and told them what i found out,, they didnt know what to say.. i still owe them $99.00 and when i pay them when i can...

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Aug 01, 2013 #691484

shut up....your babyfather should have knocked your whole *** head off.....u trout mouth ***....go suck some more *** in centro u ***

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Aaron Freeman

Oct 28, 2012 #561360

I too was screwed by Aspen Dental. I went in to have a bridge replaced. They took x-rays and marked the condition of my teeth on a chart. I talked to the office manager about the cost and she said that another tooth was bad and had to be pulled. I said no I just wanted the bridge replaced. She said OK and made an appointment. I had impressions done for a partial the next day.Two weeks later I went in to have the extraction of the bridge and the Dr. said this tooth has to come out too. I said no again that I only wanted the bridge replaced. He gave me shots and went to work. Then he kept looking at the x-rays saying "I don't think this parial is going to fit". He pulled the tooth anyway! They stuffed my mouth with cotton and told me to come back in the morning. I went back and had more impressions done for another partial. I then talked to the office manager again. She said what can we do to make this right? I suggested a settlement and she said she would talk to the district manager and call me. She never did. I have all documentation and pictures and the wrongfully pulled tooth.

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Sheryl Rutherford

Oct 22, 2012 #558706

I have a set of partials costing $1898.00, that I am allergic to and also do not fit. I am tired of driving 50+ miles getting them to fit and then having them spring back to not fitting. Have to pay off my $4446.00 (after insurance) bill, so can't afford to go to a legitament dentist who said he would try to fix them. The metal is an alloy I'm told by Aspen Dental. Will see for sure since I do have an allergy to some metals. They make me sick when I wore them. I do not trust Aspen Dental and am very sorry but I have not given them any praise. Infact I have done the opposite. The bill was outrageous and my teeth are worse since I went to them. I saw at least 4 dentist they came and went!!

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Aug 06, 2012 #525089

i thought i was going to die. i went into aspen dental hearing nothing but good things from their commercials. i went in to get a consultation for my upper and lower wisdom teeth on the right side. i had been in pain for months and decided to go in . the dr dentist was friendly and so was the staff, however something did not seem right. the dentist said that my wisdom teeth had to come out right away. he proceed to tell me that i could speak with the office manager for financing options. being in pain i accepted the terms and they scheduled my extraction 3 days later. i went in and had them removed within a half hr. i went home happy that it went so well. i got home and realized that they hadnt perscribed me any antibiodics or pain me. i shrugged it off, accepting their judgement. as soon as the novicane wore off i was in hysterics. i had never been in so much pain in myu life. my mouth would not open and my ear was going to explode. my motherin law proceed to call them and told them of my situation. they called in vicoden. i picked up the vicoden in desperation. the next day and the following day i continued to get worse. the pain was unbearable and i hadn't eaten for days. i went to the er one more time in the hopes they can help me. they proceeded to tell me i had a mandibular abscess due to the extraction. every doctor i had talked to was amazed that i was not given antibiotics, as from what i now understand is standard. i went back to apen and told them what happend... Show more

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Aug 03, 2012 #523703

Hope you can help me I went to aspen dental in Mansfield Oh and had them examine me for some tooth problems, I was told that I need to have my teeth extracted and they would put me in a new set of dentures, well $4,500.00 later I have dentures that do not fit they keep falling out and I can not eat at all with them in. I went back to have them adjusted they told me my gums and bone were in bad shape and they would be able to make them fit correctly. So I have no dentures that fit I am out all that money and am paying back on a loan to pay off what is a bad dental job. I do not even go out as I am embarrassed to show my face. They said that I would need to have my mouth reexamined again for another $750.00 to see if they can make them fit. Each time I go in I get a different person and a different opinion.. When they pulled them I was in so much Pain that I couldn't sleep for days.

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Sign me up too

Jul 01, 2012 #505386

I would like to be a part of the class action suit. I too had a terrible experience at Aspen

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Gina Lacinski

Jun 06, 2012 #491819

I also have been dupped by Aspen Dental.
On April 21st 2012 I had mu uppers removed due to (bone loss) Afer surgery SURPRISE the plate is too big. He said because I had more bone loss than they anticipated. Iwas told then after (2) weeks they would take new impressions and form a healing plate that would fit. Well after (6) weeks and no new healing plate I eas told (after(2) soft liners tha if I got another soft liner they would charge me more $$. Now on June 15th they are going to put a hard liner in the over sized plate what good will that so. I cannot eat anything other Spaghettios and pudding losing 14 lbs I cannot afford to lose. They have bo proble getting all there $$ up front and I as told within (2) months I would have teeth my final teeth. If I *** anytning othr than mush the plate flips out and I can put my tongue between my top and bottom the inside as my *** is not correct. So I guess I need to spend thousands more $$$$ do I can eat and talk at work. Aspen Dental made tgis mess and they should honor their work as they took my $$$$ and do not care a bit

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Pat Gray

May 14, 2012 #480049

My experience was the same as Ms. Linda Wheeler described above. Aspen claimed I had bone loss and removed the top teeth. A second dentist took xrays and showed me later there was no bone loss. The top dentures do not fit. They told me to go somewhere else because I was constantly coming in for adjustments (because they were hidious) and they said I was "just a complainer". I have to use lots of adhesive. The dentures gag me. A total of $1700 and I have nothing to show for. I have excluded myself from family and friends as it is embarrassing to have such a hidious smile now.

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manuel acosta

Apr 27, 2012 #472442

they pull out 3 of my wisdom teeth instead of one like they toll me , and they just say that i SING THE PAPERS, but they refuse to give a copy of the document, MA

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Mar 01, 2012 #440596

The dentist didn't finish my fillings correctly and left the to high. For 4 months I went I multiple doctors and specialist before I found this out. I had a ct scan an MRI blood tests. Multiple medications. All wasted time and money. Constant migraines and nausea. My life was upside down thanks to them. And now I grind my teeth and my jaw is all messed up and hurts all the time. So worthless.

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mike glagola

Feb 08, 2012 #425179

I went to Aspen Dental Care in Belle Vernon, Pa, in 2009. My Insurance company recomended them and no other dentist in the area was available.
I called for an appointment and they stated to just come in. I filled out there forms and saw the dentist. The dentist stated that he could pull the tooth but before he could do this I had to talk to the manager. Here the manager stated that my insurance would not cover the procedure and asked to run a credit check. In inquired as to 'why'. I only wanted a tooth pulled which was said to cost around $300.
She replied that, I had the Worst case of Ginvitus that they had ever seen and that I would have to go home with Special Stuff and and apply it to my teeth for several weeks before the tooth could be pulled. They stated that if they pulled the tooth it could get infected. They stated that this procedure and the tooth pulling would cost around $5k. WHAT $5k for a tooth being pulled, they gave some ***. Then i was denied treatment, even though the dentist could see I was in serve pain. The told me not to come back until I had the $5grand. In the office there were several senior citizens, looking to dentures. Medicare fraud came to mind.
I went to my dad's dentist the next day. He stated that I did not have Ginvitus. A good teeth cleaning was what I need. While in his chair, it was evident that the tooth could not have been pulled as the roots were stong. Right there he had to do a root-canal. He put me on
... Show more

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Feb 07, 2012 #424506

i would like to join the class action suit against aspen dental .i seen them for almost two years .two sets of dentures and still none fit plus they did not take out the 3 bone chips i wanted out .then they sent me to ear nose &throat doctor said my gland by my ear was swelled up .it was not its the bone chips .they want to refund 500.out of 1800.

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Feb 07, 2012 #424505

i would like to join the class action suit against aspen dental .i seen them for almost two years .two sets of dentures and still none fit plus they did not take out the 3 bone chips i wanted out .then they sent me to ear nose &throat doctor said my gland by my ear was swelled up .it was not its the bone chips .they want to refund 500.out of 1800.

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Feb 03, 2012 #421829

Aspen Dental is Horrible. The staff there (Mayfield Heights) Cleveland, Ohio, treat the patients with no respect. They give shotty treatment and have very nasty attitudes. Once they get your money, they could care less about you, your dentures, the money you've spent or anything else. To Aspen dental you are regarded as just another number. I have no problem with paying, but I deserve quality service and dentures. If you are looking for professional dental services, I suggest you find someone other than Aspen Dental.

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d marion

Dec 08, 2011 #387669

The dentures i received from Aspen Dental are awful looking , I am embarrest to wear them .

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tiona matthews

Nov 06, 2011 #370131

I recently had too have a tooth pulled at my new dentist office and after having some xrays done they discovered that the work I previously had done at apen was infected. I had too have a crown put on back in 2006 on my right front tooth, they never did a root canal and the locatkon where the needle was injected is infected. At the time I didnt know it was an infection but I always had a pus filled bump at the injectiom site. Now I have to get a root canal a new crown and take care of the infection. To top it off the crown looks nothing like my other front tooth making me very insecure when I smile. I also paid alot of fees out of pocket 250 plus each visit for atleast 3 visits on top of what insurance paid. I finally have insurance again and im happy my new dentest noticed my issues. Bottom line they were paid for doing a sloppy job and now the truth has been exposed by another dentist who has too correct their careless work and I shouldnt have too go through this and wouldnt have too if aspen would have done what they were supposed too do the first time.

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Oct 31, 2011 #367148

At the time all I was looking for was a better smile, Because I already knew that I had some missing and bad teeth on the top, so my wife went online to find a dentist and so low and behold aspen dental pops up so she gave them a call and made the appointment and we went to the rockford ILL location, and we met with Maci the office manager at first she seemed ok, then everytime that me or my wife would call she just ignores all of our calls and tells the office personal that to tell people that she is real busy with other customers. Well I can understand that they do get busy, but come on now she can't be that busy as not to take 5mins out to make a call as to just see what is going on!!!!, when we got to aspen dental for my first consultation it was free plus $19 for X-rays at the time i was ok with that and the price of $1,500 for the dentures. I went back a couple of times to get the temporary denture adjusted and they could not get it right, because they did the impression with my old teeth still in my mouth, so I suggested that they remake them with new impressions and that did not even ever become an option. they told me that I would have to pay again!! and that indian dentist there is the worst dentist that I have ever had she don't want to listen to the patient so its what ever she says is what it is and she refuses to listen to any thing that you have to say or suggest about your own oral health care, and the worst part is that she thinks that her stuff don't... Show more

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