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Just watched the little girl in Manteno Illinois' video. FIRST what this *** so called dentist NADIA CHOWHAN did is an abomination. This kind of denistry is why people are afraid of dentists. I hope the people in your area stand up and fight back. The only way to get rid of this trash is to hit them where it hurts - in their pocketbook. She caused this poor girl pain and suffering and then just said I got the money ha ha go find someone else to fix it. Bitc- should be hung out - literally - in the town square.

Now what is just as important to me as an AMERICAN VETERAN is that this little girl told CHOWHAN that she was having the work done in the US to keep jobs in the US despite that she had got a quote from outside AMERICA for a lot less she wanted to SUPPORT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WORKERS! So what does CHOWHAN and ASPEN DENTAL do, they put the money in their pockets and what is left over they send outside th UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for lab work. What there aren't any labs in ILLINOIS??? You got to keep other countries employees working???????????? This PATIENT TOLD YOU she was only letting ASPEN do the work because she was PRO-AMERICAN unlike ASPEN and CHOWHAN who are not only thieves but TRAITORS!!!!!!!

The video speaks for itself. The only problem is you can't copy it without this gal in ILLINOIS permission and a passcode. Took me a week to get it but she was nice and said it took so long cause she was getting 3-4 HUNDRED calls and emails a day and she was investigating each request prior to giving access. Hope everyone who speaks to her or talks to her encourages her to sue she still is in pain and hasn't had the energy to follow-up with all the LEGAL EAGLES who are calling.


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Please contact me regarding your feelings about what happened to this patient. I am gathering info to write a Human Interest story about this occurrance.

I will gladly supply you with proof of ID and creds.


8) Spread the word we cant have this here. I got out of the city to get away from this ***.


It was my video to which your refer. Please remove this post, it goes beyond my desire when posting a comment to just warn anyone who might end up in the same situation I am in. I thank you for your support and sympathy but I would prefer a kind prayer and less anger.


My dad just lost his job with one of the major credit reporting agencies because they outsourced to India. So this doctor is doing the same and stealing jobs from AMERICANS bet she doesn't mind taking AMERICAN dollars in payment!!


Saw your post on our senior board. Thanks none of the seniors here will ever go to Aspen.

Half of us, like you, served to protect our country just to have it given to those fancy-pants NY boys who don't support the US worker. And the A-rab doctors like this Nadia Chowhan who should be working at a 7-11 or Dunkin Donut not delibertly hurting some hard-working AMERICAN woman all the while ROBBING another AMERICAN>

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