All they are concerned about is pulling teeth and removing old fillings.

They wanted to pull 10 of my son's teeth without even trying to fill any cavities. Then when it was my turn they xrayed my mouth.

I am not a dentist but I have seen my xrays before and I don't know how anyone could see a cavity from the messy xrays they had. The dentist only was with me for less than 5 minuets and told me to see the manager, who tells me that all of my old fillings have to come out and I will need caps on all of my teeth. When I said I wasn't going for any of that he then told me I have a dental desease. The dentist or what ever he was never said a word to me about that.

All they wanted was to make $20,000. from my son and myself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #837452

$20,000? always get a second opinion.

Smarter to just never visit aspen at all. Aspen's first solution will always be pulling teeth and make denture.

That is what they are set up to do and make the most money from. Avoid these scammers.

Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #837319

I have pretty much perfect teeth, as a teenager I decided I wanted a tongue ring. When I first got it done the swell bar was still in and I was eating chicken and broke my back left tooth in half.

I let it go and it became a horrible toothache that i just couldn't take anymore. Go to google first one aspen dental (thinking to myself ok this must be the best around its little, it's close.. All that stuff) so I went in for my appointment and sat in the waiting room for almost an hour past my appointment time while there was 3 no joke screaming toddlers right behind me!! FINALLY they called me back asked what was going on I told them they took X-rays back into the room I went to sit for another 45 mins for the dentist to come in *** About my tongue ring said "that was *** y would you even do something like that" blow me dude I'm 26 I can do what I want with my tongue..

Then he opens my mouth tells me that I have "gums disease" (remind you I was 24) and that I need to go sit with the office manager to pick out my dentures because he needs to pull 12 teeth 5 root canals fillings blah blah blah.. I sat there crying because being 24 and picking out dentures is not what I had in mind over a cracked tooth, I said no can't I just get the cracked on fixed? "No we have to fix all the other teeth before we touch that one" $30,000 was my total for all this.... Are u kidding me?!

So I wanted a second opinion on this called local small private dentist he was in shock!

I had 2 cavities and a cracked tooth that was it. So please if you are reading this and need dental work done pleaseeeee do not go to aspen dental...

Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #706233

Trust me, don't go here. Find another dentist.

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