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A friend of mine went here about 9 months ago. She went for cosmetic reasons as her nuptials were just around the corner and she wanted to look her best. The results were a nightmare. Her wedding was ruined by this company!!! She spent over eight MONTHS!! in the offices of an Endodonist and an Oral Surgeon having what Aspen Dental's employee Nadia Chowhan-Iqbal did to her corrected. Among other problems, apparently some of the dental equipment or dental paraphenalia used was NOT STERILE, causing numerous infections. As a result two permanent teeth had to be removed. Both bridges she had replaced had to be removed as they were shaped incorrectly, she had either EIGHT OR NINE ROOT CANALS, she now has TMJ from so many changes in her ***, at one point they put the WRONG TEETH IN!! They had the bottom teeth made incorrectly!! And they lied, and lied and lied. Their office manager (while being recorded) even laughed at her and told her he thought her pain and suffering was RIDICULOUS!!!

When she walked into this office she had no cavaties!!! No missing teeth and NO PAIN. This Doctor and this company if EVIL EVIL EVIL.

My friend was reimbursed her 14-15 thousand dollars and then she spend of 20,000 in CORRECTIVE DENISTRY!! She recently hired an attorney and just had a meeting discussing the fact that part of her confidentiality agreement was that Aspen NEVER contact her again under any circumstances and last week she received a post card address directly to her from Aspen in Michigan City, asking that she make a follow-up appointment!! They violated the agreement. Her attorney stated that their violation and the fact that she was on medication and did not have legal council (partly as advised by the aspen dental employee who continuously emailed her pretending to be a former employee and warned her of what would happen is she sued as well as emails also from an Aspen employee pretending to be a patient claiming aspen held her up in court for years and she it cost her even more money to hire and attorny than she was awarded)and because she was in too much pain to think straight - that the agreement is easily overturned and they will be filing with the Class Action Law Suit which is forming.

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO maybe there will finally be some justice and this dentist and company will be shut down!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Monetary Loss: $36000.

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Springer, New Mexico, United States #200485

run this garbage out of your town. form a protest with posters and set up outside the office.


think they ran this piece of aspen shi- dentist nadia chowhan iqbal out of town. :)


down with aspen!!!!!!!!!!


I know all about this patient. She has a complete video of her experience with Aspen and the doctor in Bourbonnais IL.

What this doctor put her through was horrific.

And then to actually hear the doctor lying and trying to cover for herself on a speaker phone was SHOCKING. This is just a horrible horrible doctor and company :(

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