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First, I am a Dentist and am very upset that I was let to this site by a Patient I saw this morning. My Patient who was in pain was even more terrified of coming in having read the negative comments on this site and several others regarding dental mishaps.

Second, I am not defending what the Dentist at Aspen Dental did to the Patients discussed at this forun. In fact, I am also shocked that this matter has gone on as long as it has with no resolution for the Patient.

I reviewed the webcast this morning and have several comments.

The Patient in Manteno, Illinois upper teeth are very pretty, which I know means nothing since the Patient is still in pain.

The bottom teeth were a dental error. The Patient's primary complaint regarding her lower teeth was that one sat higher than the rest partially due to crowding. Crowning these teeth did not correct the error. Based on the photo's, the Patients 5-6 lower crowns form an upward arc to accomodate the tooth that stukk sis higher than any of the natural and crowned lower teeth. The only solution, so as not to expose the dentin and cause the patient additional pain, was to remove the taller tooth and replace it with a bridge. I am not sure why this was not done but the decision made, was an error and it was a costly non-solution for the Patient.

The Patient's pain is more than likely, I can not say for sure since I have not examined the Patient, caused by the need for a *** adjustment compounded by teeth grinding. This situation has been made worse by the fact that she has gone through numerous temp teeth and numerous permanent teeth as well as root canals and adjustments.

All of this could have been avoided by less work being performed all at once. Since the Patient told her Dentist that she had decided to have less work done for economic reasons, the Dentist should have taken that opportunity to re-evaluate the situation and consider the Patients wellfare first and her own bank account second. Less would have been more in this situation.

From what has been reported, it seems that the Dentist in question had numerous opportunities to explain to the Patient the risks of this procedure. That since the Patient reported from the her first visit that she grinds her teeth, placing crowns upon all of her upper teeth would cause an issue that would take time and would likely need numerous adjustments to resolve.

This opportunity to give the patient the information she needed to go forth was again ignored when the Patient was told that having her bottom teeth crowned would solve the problem. I can not understand and Dentist telling a Patient in this amount of pain that more UNNECCESSARY work should be done.

I practice in Indiana so I am not sure how malpractice is defined in Illinois, but I feel this Doctor should have put her Patient's wellfare first and it is clear that she did not.

However, I think that some of the comments here are excessive. This is BAD DENISTRY not nazi terrorism.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #632159

Are you sure a dentist wrote this? Poor grammar and spelling.

The ADA and qualified dentists review grievances without prejudice, and look at all of the facts.

This comment above seems malicious and without all information. It is inflammatory and not professional.


Sounds like malpractice to me.


Thanks its good to know some dentist read these and maybe know WE have a VOICE.


I was going to make an appointment with this dentist and was just fooling around and found this site. Now I'm scared to make an appointment with any dentist. Aspen Dental is a huge company all over the US if they let this happen how can I trust any dentist?


I googled this Dentist Chowhan and he seems to move around a lot from state to state. Whats he running from????????


I think you are right. 1 bad dentist does not spoil the whole bunch. But I feel really bad that this denitst is still practicing and harming future patients.

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