I just watched the video of what this Dental TERRORIST, Nadia Chowhan Iqbol did to a patient. I was more than appalled I was literally horrified. The video was made because this patient was getting married. So you have several minutes of days and weeks before her first visit to the Terrost Chowhan Iqbol's office at Aspen Dental. Then several days before the first procedure including her decision to have less cosmetic dental work done. Then her return from the office and a conversation about the terrorist telling her she NEEDED to have more than a few teeth crowned in order for it to look right.

Ok then video of the monster-shop temp teeth the the terrorist Chowhan puts in this woman's mouth which continually fall out even when she is just talking.

Then weeks of pain after the perm top crowns are put in INCLUDING 10 minutes of the patient crying with Chowhan Iqbol on speaker phone explaining she SHOULD have TOLD the patient to expect the problems she was having ROOT CANALS and a future of PAIN PAIN PAIN. Then the terrorist starts making excuses for her criminal acts. She even states "at LEAST I didnt' put a crown over a cavity and I don't want you to think I did" WHAT your GREEDY explaination is at LEAST you didn't do something ELSE WRONG.

Then the terrorist Nadia Chowhan Iqbol (I looked her up she's been at 4 dif practices and 3 dif states in 8 years?????????????) tells the pt that if she just lets her finish the bottom teeth it will SOLVE the problem. Hand out GREASE MY PALM denistry.

It gets worse the patient goes to a dif ASPEN DENTAL office and has the bottom teeth put in and they are the WRONG TEETH!!!!!!!!!!! How does this happen.

Finally right teeth day b4 pt wedding. Day of wedding this poor gals face is swollen up to twice the size it should be and she is in constant pain CHOICE med herself to oblivia and beyond or suffer through her wedding day and at least be able to remember it. Can't go on the honeymoon because flight airplane pressure makes pain worse.

And the dentists response, your expectation of leaving here without pain which is how you came to us is UNACCEPTABLE WE PROVIDE PAIN PAIN PAIN.

Oh almost forgot, about a week before the pt went for her hopefully her perm bottom teeth she calls ASPEN DENTAL and speaks to another ASPEN DENTAL TERRORIST who LAUGHS at her pain and tell he he thinks her situation is FUNNY.

This company needs to be SUED for every cent it has and put out of business. Contact this patient if you have any questions and watch a happy woman be reduced to a person in constant pain with no end to the misery ASPEN DENTAL thrust uupon her.

Down with Aspen Dental

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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:eek I know exactly who you are talking about. She goes to our church.

Now I know why she hasn't been their for awhile. SOmeone said she was sick and mentioned this company so I started reading these. I will have to go see her.

I guess I'll have to take soup because she probably can't eat anything. This is a CRIME.


OK lot of anger here. Better way to express it and to a greater audience is through ME.

I want to write a Human Interest story about this patient and the people who through loyalty to community have rallied to support her.

This is not a scam!!

I do NOT work for Aspen. I will provide you with proof of ID and credentials.

contact me at newsismybus@aim.com


This isn't racial. Is that the newest reason you can't complain about someone attacking you or should we say terrorizing you with a dental drill that their race prohibits a bad review. You don't get to hide behind your race creed or color your just a BAD dentist.


It was my video you saw regarding my problems with Aspen Dental. You can NOT use the word terrorist when describing this dentist.

It is unacceptable and reading all of these has made me a naseous. I thank you for your support but this is going too far.


I almost cried myself when I watched what they did to this poor woman. I would love to be on the jury


Saw the video and I agree. Think the woman might have pulled some of the distribution because she got in touch with a malpractice attorney who wants to take the case on contingency. In other words, this so called doctor screwed up so bad a lawyer is willing to wait for hi fee til he wins tthe case.

Go get em

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