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What a JOKE first the wrong dentures then they messed up my *** so bad that I ended up with problems on my bottom (real) teeth and had to have two extracted. Both the extracted teeth were in great shape before this dentist Chowhan Iqbal got hold of me.

She is the lowest slimiest type doctor. All about the money and no patient care. She kept telling me she could feel my pain. Well when my lawyer gets done with her, she REALLY feel my pain!!!

Coniving dental terrorism is what she practices!!! I should have looked here before going to Aspen they got my teeth from some THIRD WORLD COUNTRY for .03 on the dollar. No wonder they are ***!!!!!!!!! Hope this pays for that big house in Frankfort she got with her blood money.

I'l be posting her photo and address everywhere to warn the decent people in this area!!!!!!! Oh and the people who keep saying to contact he new york office, i tried they won't even take calls about this office anymore becauese they are overrun with complaints

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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Bedford, Indiana, United States #234984

I know how upset you are very poor work on front office part. Lazy people working at front desk!

Springer, New Mexico, United States #200465

Heard nothing good about this doctor Nadia Chowhan. Only a place like Aspen would hire such filth

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