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The worst example of dental ripoff on the planet. The doctor, and I use that term inplace of head-ripoff artist, seemed nice but then everyone in the office seemed nice. Then again don't those people who advertise on the internet and call your home with a get rich quick scheme, or the one's who have invented a pill that makes you lose weight in your sleep, or the doctor who can come to your home and for your liposuction all SEEM nice. Complete *** from the get-go. The "doctor" Chowhan is the "front person", then she disappears when you speak to the office manager the "money man" when the two get done with you your head is spinning. First you go in for a minor issue and you are told you have periodontal issues (issues your last vistit to a dentist - and your visit the next day to a new dentist after ASPEN can't find) and IMMEDIATELY need a $400 cleaning!! If not, apparently your teeth will all fall out. Then when they have the hook pretty far into your mouth, they begin to reel you in. You also need another $8000 worth of work to give your the smile you DESERVE. BUT here's the bonus they are offering a discount of 10% but it is only good for another three days!! PLUS they can get you financed IMMEDIATELY!

Total complete RIPOFF. The doc and her band of pickpocket experts are swindlers. Turned out I did not have periodontal issues and needed ONE filling.

I feel bad for the suckers who fall for this. People are struggling this company is taking advantage of us. They should not be allowed into our town. We need to stamp out the disease one office at a time.

BOYCOTT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Springer, New Mexico, United States #200490

get out of town Aspen Dental and take your who-e Chowhan with you


Heard nothing but bad things about the Dr Nadia Chowhan Iqbal time for her to go home and work on her fellow bomb toting a-rabbits



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