My wife when to this office last week and encountered really hard sell tactics regarding replacing her dentures. However, since they need to be replaced we were considering going back to Dr. Chowhan.

My daughter told us about all the complaints on various websites and I decided to take a look. Truth is people love to complain so I wasn't too impressed until I read the one from the lady who went to the Bourbonnais office which is the same one my wife went to.

I actually KNOW this lady I see her out with her dogs all the time and she works with a lot of the Seniors in our area. This is a GOOD DECENT woman so I decided to make sure I talked to her the next time I took Tandy for her daily constitution and get the lowdown. Got the opportunity yesterday and I can't believe the difference a few months of dealing with dental pain has done to her. Last time I saw her was back before the first snow and I had heard she was layed up due to breaking her leg so I hadnt seen her since she started her dental stuff. Anyway the girl I had always talked to was bright and smiley and just always had a good word to say about everyone. One of those theres always a silver lining girls. Now due to pain she just seemed blue. She didn't say anything really bad about the dentist just that they hadn't been honest with her and that she wished she had never set foot in Aspen Dental's office. That she went from zero pain to continual pain every day for the last 3 months with no end in the site.

It was very upsetting that this company would do something like this to hardworking decent folks. I told her she should sue and she said she was taking some down time after her wedding to think about what she wanted to do. She is talking to a Chicago attorney who specialty is malpractice but just doesn't have the energy right now to do anything. Trying to not take pain pills everyday and living with the pain is too much. It even overcast the joy of her nuptials.

This sucks. These people need to be run out of town.

I am writing this in the hope that anyone reading this will write this girl sorry I mean woman, but hey I'm an old geaser shes a kid to me, and encourage her to sue.

I don't want to see any of my other neighbors go through this because of this companies greed.

This dentist CHOWHAN was suppose to be a DOCTOR what ever happened to the hypocratic OATH.

Johnny Ray

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Saw the video and recognized the lady from a townhall meeting. She is trying to donate her home as a shelter and running into state issues.

Nicest person on the planet!!!!! Don't think its the money that bothers her it's more that what this Dr Chowhan did was just wrong. Felt bad about one of my neighbors, we're a small town and I guess we still have small town values and morals and this Dr. Chowhan doesn't belong among decent people.

We don't want her here!!! :(


I know this lady too. Nice lady as of this morning when I saw her she is still in alot of pain.

Has to wear her night guard all the time just to get through the day. How do we let people like this Chowhan Iqbal practice in this country and get away with something like this?

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