I am writing, in the hope that the parties who wrote comments on the complaint from the woman who visited the above-referred Aspen Dental office, will contact me.

I would also be very pleased if this woman would contact me. I was unable to find the link to the video which listed your contact info and would like to discuss interviewing you.

I freelance for a variety of the locals and would like to write a Human Interest piece on what you experienced with Aspen Dental in Bourbonnais. I would also like to hear from any and all of the poster who wrote in support of what you were going through.

Contact me at newsismybus@aim.com. I will supply you with proof of ID and creds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

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This is my neighbor. She is back in town and I will tell her to check here and contact you.

She just had more work done to fix her problem including having a front tooth pulled. You'll probably have to talk to her husband because she could barely talk when I went over to see her yesterday.


hunt and peck typing its 7267425 and 4681419 she works w my mom.


Her name is ann and she is local 7267429. I don't see her around much so not sure she is still living here.


Cool. know the lady will email you name and number. Not sure number still good.


Sent you email

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