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Wow just got a twitter about the writer who posted info on here asking for contact stuff on a patient at this office. Wowszer wowszer wowszer as dad would say they really screwed the pooch.

First they ruin this patients life so that she now has to have teeth pulled because of their screw up but then they post fake reviews, and even send him emails pretending to be patients and have positive things to say about this chick chowhan who is suppose to be a dentist. The email copies out in tweetville are wild. Trying to find out what he knows that he knows that they dont' know and if he has interview the patient yet.

Get OFF the pooch chowhan and Aspen and take responsibility for what you did instead of spending so much time to cover your ***. This is bogus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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They dont even PRETEND to have any respect for their patients or they wouldn't have even gone there. what a joke as a company


tku for the twt pls snd ip


How *** is this doctor?

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