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I use to work with Dr. Chowhan Iqbal and what happened to this Illinois woman is not unusual.

She always say dollar signs first and what was best for the patient came last. If you are serious about suing, contact me and I will provide you with the names and addresses of other victims. I bet she got all excited when your credit checked out for a bit amount and couldn't wait to spend your money.

That's how she always was and apparently hasn't learned from her previous mistakes. In other words, she isn't the victim she knew exactly what she was doing when she didn't give you the information you needed to make a decision SHE HAS DONE IT BEFORE AND GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT!!!!

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Sent you an email regarding this dentist at this office. Please add me to the list for the woman who is going to sue to contact me.


I just send you an email with my name and phone number to add to your patients list if this lady decides to sue. I went to the Bourbonnais office and was told by the dentist that I needed 10 :? teeth pulled immediately. Then when I sat down with the office manager Heather her medical advise was since I didn't want to pay $6000 right away that it was ok to have only half the work done immediately. Then she called me a few days later and said she had talked to the doctor and they could give me an even better price since I'm a senior citizen.

It's obvious the MEDICAL ADVISE is for sale with Aspen and changes based on your income with this office and this doctor.

I found a REAL dentist in town who actually cares about his patients. ;)

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