I posted a review here several weeks ago with a side link to a video of my home health company, problems with Aspen Dental and wedding - all of which were linked between Oct 09 and the present. I posted a negative review because I did not want the problems I encountered to happen to anyone else.

I was told today that my review had inspired a type response that was unexpected. I wish to address that response in the hope that those who responded in support of my plight might be able to find a less inflamatory way of expressing themselves.

In todays society there are buzz words that have more than just negative connoctation. These words create situations that quickly get out of control and can have a severely negative impact. In short, they are dangerous when used inappriately.

It is not unAmerican to purchase products from another country. In my video I expressed anger at this happening due to the circumstances of the occurance not that it was an unAmerican act. If buying a product from outside the US is unAmerican then every Toyota, BMW, Mercedes...owner would be labelled unAmerican.

Calling ANYONE a terrorist is unacceptable in more ways than I can say. In fact, I shouldn't have to say anything period. Seeing that in print, despite my own thoughts on Dr. Chowhan, made me sick to my stomach, and it needs to be removed immediately!!

Last, but hardly least, my Grandmother lives in Argentina where she keeps deep inside her memories of Nazi Germany and the terror that was an everyday occurrance. A Nazi was someone who carried out the orders of an insane dictator and exterminated 6 MILLION people!! Comparing a dentist to a Nazi is an insult and based, I hope, on an ignorance of exactly who the Nazi's were. Please remove this.

If you had problems with this office, an alternative to your anger, is to call 1800aspendental. Make sure you are connected to an operator for new patients and ask the operator to connect you to the corporate office switchboard. Then choose the option to dial by name and dial either Connor, Rob or Fontana, Bob. Hopefully, your issue may be resolved by speaking to someone outside customer satisfaction.

Last I appreciate the support and well-wishes I have received from so many people across the US. I did not realize that when I posted here that my posting nor my video would incite the type response that seems to have occurred.

The thing you have to remember, and I tell myself this daily, that while what this dentist did to me was wrong and her motive questionable, she is still a human being and does not deserve the type attack that I see here. These verbal assaults could cause damage that is far reaching. Words have power and should be chosen wisely. Please think about it, pray on it, and remove your posting if in the light of day you are not proud of the words you have used.


Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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This is *** nothing is racial it is a descripion of the dental work not the person.


Saw you posted this twice. Bet you did what I did when I started posting here and your review just disappeared so you resubbed it and then both popped up.

Anyway, my mom knows you and said she is just horrified by what has happened to you at the hands of this Dr Chowhan at Aspen. I know you asked for people to show restraint but this guy IS a monster and I bet he hasn't even had the decency to apologize.

The only way to stop this type of bad medical CARE is to take away the only thing that is important to this company which is money.

Sue them. Do not back down.


Hi. I think your comments show that you have a lot of class.

I saw your original review and your comments then were obviously made by someone who was angry and in a lot of pain but you still maintain showed a lot of restraint. I agree that the response has been very angry but having seen your video it is not that surprising. It is not what is said in the video it is how happy you were before you started with Aspen Dental and even after your first couple of visits with them and then the pain and humiliation that they caused you which inspires the response that you have had to your complaint. What this doctor did to you is wrong and I doubt Aspen is going to make it right.

On every level they kept making things worse for you with bad customer service which treated your pain like a joke, bad dental workmanship and bad product. So while I don't agree with some of the words used in comments I do agree that the word needs to be spread about what this company and their employees do to trusting patients.

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