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aspen dental office is a big rippoff they do what they want and dont care about your feelings ,before you get ur dentures ask to see and make the color choice because theyll choose it for you and they dont even care how they make ur teeth they just want ur money ,dont go there they dont care about you your money or how they take it its there pockets they want o fill and i wish to god they would shut them down for good what can we do to atleast get our money back or some of it?

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $1560.

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You need to raise some *** here. You may actually have to call patient satisfaction to start. I'm sure Aspen will be on here shortly to apologize and give the number.

If the dentures are made don't accept them just get a refund. They will give it you but it takes some time and effort to pry their greedy hands off money.

I, like many others am ashamed that I used to work there. Part of my job was scamming people so I quit. Just can't do it to people.

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