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Let me start off by saying I became dental phobic after a few years ago when a dentist drilled into a tooth that was not numb. So yes it was my fault for putting off dental work for a few years, but recently I had a old filling come off my molar and immediately called to make an appt since they are the only place that takes me aetna dmo insurance. I am first told it will be weeks before they can see me so I am stuck with walk in clinics. Anyhow moving forward, I schedule my first appt with aspen dental in battle creek, mi and I am told I need 21 fillings, some new, but most are old fillings that just need to be redone. fine. So I go for my first appointment and everything is very rushed (they did 5 fillings in 45 minutes). I was told it would be tooth colored fillings for my front teeth, they did the swatch thing where they tried to best match my teeth, well they went about 4 shades (no exaggeration too dark) so mind you it was all I could do to get back in the dentist chair, when I told them I was doing the best I could but it was intimidating for me they said "we dont care about what happened in the past, just in the future. So feeling all accomplished I go home to look at my teeth, my smile turned into a frown after I saw it looked like I had brown spots on my teeth.

The fillings were too dark. Not to mention where they injected me with the numbing solution i felt like I had been punched in the the face for almost a week after (I have never been in that kind of pain over shots in my mouth and believe me I have had plenty) so I work in a call center and they are very finnicky about how they schedule their time off. so I arranged my time off for my second appt. guess what? they pushed it back an hour and left me a message simply stating my appt had been moved, didnt bother to ask me if I could make it, just informed me thats "when I needed to show up" to quote the receptionist directly. While I am in the waiting room i am behind a gentleman who had a new patient appt, he signs in, sits in the waiting room for 15 minutes only to be told they bumped his appt to the next day and yet he was never called. when he told the woman he worked at a factory and it was going to be next to impossible to come in tommorow she said "well give us a call when you can see us again."

This was just the beginning. so I get back to the chair I let them know about the color issue with my previous fillings the dentist sighs and says well that means were gonna have to re do them and I let her know that was ok lets just wait til everything else is done and I will schedule another appointment. She then proceeds to numb me, i generally have a difficult time getting numb which i told them about I had to stop her twice to re numb me because I started to feel it and she said "your are hard to numb, this is ridiculous" when i said i was sorry i wish i could do something to help she just did a frustrated sigh have me a shot and proceeded to work on the tooth TEN SECONDS after putting more numbing solution in it. They do the fillings, they did all the silvers ones except for one that I requested be tooth colored since it would be visible. Guess what? they used the SAME WRONG COLOR on that one too after i asked TWICE to make sure it was lighter.

lets pause and think about this. they now have to redo all the filings they did the first time, and this other one, which means numbing me again and going thru all this again. why? because they didnt do it right the first time. Then during my work I happened to be in a chair by their cleaning area where they clean the instruments three dental assistants were using profanity saying how much stuff they had to clean.

and just when you thought it couldnt get any worse. I noticed that my insurance was charged four times the amount for the first visit for the SAME TEETH NUMBERS, I asked the receptionist about this she goes 'are you sure'? and wouldnt even bring up my account. She said we would figure it out. Oh gets even worse. So i get home pull up my aspen dental online information and guess what? they charged my insurance FOUR TIMES for the same teeth numbers for todays visit.

So all in all, I have brown spots on my teeth i didnt have before, I have to get a good portion of my fillings redone, my mouth is now sore from a week ago's injections and todays, they have WAY over billed my insurance, oh and yes, today they chipped one of my teeth while working on the other one...only they didnt say anything about it, so that means thats gonna have to be numbed up again too.

let me re emphasize....i was dental phobic before this, and this was my first time in the chair in 4 years. and they want to do a root canal on me? yeah right, needless to say I will be finding another dentist to take care of that portion. If you are like me and dont have a choice because you have DMO insurance....brace yourself. If you have a choice, please please please do not go to aspen dental, they are the worst, i cannot wait to change my insurance next year, and I guarantee you I will NEVER use aspen again once the rest of the work is done. I simply cannot afford to pay out of pocket so I am stuck at the moment. its awful.

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Battle Creek, Michigan, United States #923913

I have been going to the Aspen Dental in Battle Creek, MI as well. And let me just say that I feel very tempted to sue for all that they're worth.

The very first time I went, I was told that I had to get 5 fillings and a crown on a baby tooth that never had an adult tooth come in.

I'm pretty sure you can't actually do crowns on baby teeth. So that right there just tells me that they're money hunary and they will do anything for the money. I was already there to get another crown on a tooth that actually needed it.

So I go in a month or so ago and I am told that I now need 7 fillings. And then they ask me if I want to keep my wisdom tooth.

Uhhh. I'm pretty sure I can't just remove a tooth for no good reason. My wisdom tooth is just fine. When I finally get in to see the doctor to get the fillings, he is extremely rude and impatient with me.

Even with me apologizing. I have a hard time switching my breathing over to my nose when my mouth is pryed open as far as it can get.

Literally every time I have gone in there to get a tooth worked on, they "accidentally" drill on another tooth. And I am pretty sure a few of them are cracked. Oh, and ALL of them are extremely sensitive now.

Before I went there, I never had an issue with any of my teeth. And now they're telling me that they'll have to be redone.

*** no. *** them.

If I get my x-rays and have them reviewed by another doctor and come to find out that they were full of ***, I'm going to come out of this a very wealthy woman.


I recently went in for a consultation and x-rays. I was turned away the first time because i am pregnant and the doctor would not do x-rays without a release.

Ok fine my mistake. When i went in all of the staff i met was very friendly except for the dentist. I am not comfortable with somebody who is so rude and bitter work on me or my teeth. I have one wisdom tooth that needs to be pulled.

She wants to pull all four when it is not necessary. I feel that once i get in the chair she is going to do as she sees fit. I will not put myself in that position. I will never go back to aspen dental or suggest aspen dental to anybody I know.

The customer service and people skills of this dentist is very unprofessional. Do not ever go to aspen dental!!


I’m very sorry to hear about your experience. Our goal is to provide every patient with quality care in an atmosphere that is welcoming and respectful, and I apologize that your visit did not meet those expectations.

Would you be willing to talk in greater detail to our Patient Satisfaction group to see whether they can help? This team of specialists is based at our Practice Support Center in Syracuse and can be reached at 1-866-273-8606 or

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