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I am in college and do not have dental insurance and a filling fell out after eating a piece of candy so I called Aspen Dental because I heard they work with patients about the cost. I got called back pretty quick and immediately they started taking x-rays.

Probably 20 at least. No big deal. Then from the moment I got into the actual exam room I felt like they were trying to sell me something I didn't necessarily need. They brought up the "C" word.

Cancer. They asked me if I have ever been screened for mouth cancer. No dentist office has ever asked me that. Keep in mind this was before anyone even looked in my mouth.

Well naturally that freaked me out. Kind of scared of that word seeing as how I lost my father to cancer. Then the hygenist came in and did her exam and told me I needed deep cleaning to the extent where they would have to use novacaine to numb my gums. Finally, the Dentist came in, she did her exam and told me that she would want to pull the tooth and put in a bridge but possibly could do a root canal and cap the tooth.

I explained that im in school and do not have that much money and asked which would be cheaper. The dentist informed me that the cost to both treatments were almost "parallel". Well, she wasn't lying, I went to talk with the office staff about the cost and they wanted $2,300 for the root canal and cap and $2,900 for the bridge work. Almost $3,000 dollars for one tooth that a filling fell out of.

Needless to say I will not be returning. I will go to a local dentist and not a chain that is a scam.

One thing I can say is that everyone was very friendly. I guess they think that is the least thing they can do before they rape you with no lube.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

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All dentist are asking that now but you have the right to refuse that service


Wow, the college student had my appointment. I took the cancer treatment--at age 55 it is a fact of life to be concerned about.

I have never heard of such a thing in my life--I swished the vinegar tasting stuff and the used a laser light to look at my mouth. Then, I need all of my upper teeth extracted and ne lower tooth that is fixable, but it "taller" than my other teeth. Awesome. However, it was the smarmy office guy who I described to my son as either a past or future used car salesman who pissed me off enough that I called another dentist.

All they got out of me was $88 for the x-rays, exam and cancer check. I dodged the bullet!!! (I was even angry enough to get my x-rays back from them without paying their ten dollar copying fee!

Grr-rr. I mentioned my attorney's name to them.) I did really dodge a bullet and now that I have seen this site, I am more and more aware of this.


Wow I'm a college student too and I need a filling. Guess I'll be going local ...


flis a complaint with the state board of dentistry

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