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My mother has dentures and a tooth on the top denture broke off - she called her dentist couldn't help her that day so she called around until she got Aspen Dental who said on Monday (this was Friday) that they had a lab in office and could repair her tooth back into the denture - when she went for the appt. they told her they needed to talk xrays and she said she did not want xrays she told them just please fix the tooth like you said you could - there is no need for xrays and an additional charge they insisted and after approx. 2 hours she got up and left and didn't not have any work done - the tried to steal money right out of her pocket by telling her she may have another issue - they are crooks and she lost a days pay because she took off work for this appt - never go to aspen dental - they are crook!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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Was this in Albany Oregon? I think I was right by her.

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