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Hey there all you happy people who had the Aspen experience, I have read a lot of complaints on Aspen, and as a former lab tech, I can believe all of them. for you removable folks ( the denture and partial denture types) you have been taken. The dentures that Aspen and other clinics like Aspen make, use the cheapest materials in the industry. from the teeth to the acrylic, its all bottom line material. but that's only part of the problem, Aspen makes all there dentures and partials from an alginate impression material, these impressions are NOT accurate enough to make a denture on. also 90% of the dentures made in there on site labs are made of cold cure acrylic. this is important to know. there are two types of acrylic cold cure and heat cure. trying not to be to technical, heat cure is the strongest, color stable acrylic out there. It is the standard in denture bases. cold cure, is mainly used for repairs and relines. It should never be used for a denture base, heat cure sits in a water bath for 8 hours at 165* to cure (become hard plastic)that is why it is so strong. cold cure sits in a pressure pot for 30 minutes, at 120* it is not color stable, so the pink will change color in a short time. cold cure has a tendency to warp so you will notice your denture is getting loose. cold cure picks up odors, and bacteria builds up on it quicker. Also cold cure dentures have a lot of pop offs. that's when the teeth come out of the denture base. they also fracture easier. you think you did something wrong when the base cracks or the tooth pops out, when you didn't do anything at all, its the quality of the material. These clinics use what is called pour acrylic, when its mixed it looks like pink water, and as the name states, it is poured into the denture mold and then placed in the pressure pot to cure. Folks I have over 25 years in dentures, and I can tell you this is NOT how to make denture. even if you went with there high end denture that is heat injected, just remember the model it is being made on is NOT accurate, so the only difference is how much you are going to pay for a loose denture. Also these clinics are high pressure sale offices, they treat you like a retail sales customer, and not a patient.

They also compete between other offices in the company for the monthly bonus, so yes its a numbers game as well. those who hit there numbers, get the bonus. in all fairness, there are some offices who do a decent job. The lab techs in these clinics are used and abused, and when they don't make the dead lines, they are let go, if they don't burn out first.

The bottom line here is buyer beware!! I hope this information was helpful, if you want quality made dentures don't go to these clinics... I feel for all of you who feel you were not treated fairly. Good luck!!



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Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States #1208732

As with many other reviews and former employee comments, one thing I always find missing is a statement about what is a better choice. If Aspen is so bad, what is better? Or do you just like to complain?

New Port Richey, Florida, United States #1049772

Dentalguy, as far as Heat Injection goes which system would you recomend, SR Ivocap/Ivoclar Vivadent teeth or the Palajet system or one of your own? Thx...Vince


Dentalguy...thanks for your honesty but how the *** do you find a denture clinic that will give you a fair shake ..corraovince@gmail.com


You must not have been let go bye aspen one of those good tech that couldn't make dead lines I'm a great tech not a good one I do the best on every patient and work in one of the most busiest offices over 60 units a month quit wineing cause you couldn't *** it

to The truth shall set you free #934632

That says *** not sure why it blurred it out


Aspens isn't the only place that uses the cold cure method affordable dentures does also and aspen now has heat injection machine called ivo base so the guy saying there is only two denture bases is wrong there is three technically four they are starting to mill dentures like crowns heat cured heat injected and cold pour and heat injection is the most stable loyal aspen tech for 5 years know been a tech for 15 years and most of your denture base place always use the cheap stuff but last time I check l199 isn't the cheap stuff the guy that wrote this is wrong get the facts jack before slamming a company

to The truth shall set you free #934942

wow!! considering I placed this article 5 years ago, nice to see you came out now to say something!

hmmmm...60 units a month?...slacker!!!

how many are heat cure? compared to cold cure? whatever...you need to read my article a little closer since I stated there were "other" company's out there other then aspen... that used cold pour technique...

I found it interesting you didn't mention the fact that they use alginate impression material for "master models" for partials and immediate dentures....not accurate!! any tech with 5 years experience knows that!!

my article was placed as a response for the consumers who were frustrated by there treatment at this company, and the other ones like them... I placed it as someone who knows what and how things were done inside these labs.

I left aspen on my own, I had no issues with deadlines!

funny that you think I am whining? really?!

piece of advice to you..if aspen is using cad/cam to fabricate dentures?

better start looking for another job...because that machine will be replacing you real soon!!



I saw we all write the attorney general of our states and tell them what a rip off Aspen Dental is.


They were going to pull my teeth and make me a bridge when I pitched a fit. I now have a crown.

This was the dentist I was told pays all the bills, that's why he wanted to make me a bridge. He probably put the temporary on too loose so it would come off. Here's another way they rip you off. They make you think you are getting a free electric toothbrush, but when you check your bill, you have been charged 149.00 for your free toothbrush.

I urge all of you to stay away. They lure you in there with that cheap introductory price, and that price doesn't include cleaning, but in reality their prices aren'tu any cheaper than any other dentist. In fact, my crowns cost more than my friend's did. Their work is terrible, I wish I would have read these comments before I went in there.

My experience with Aspen has been a nightmare from the get to.

My poor husband has to go now, because they make you prepay. However, he knows what I went through and he won't put up with their nonsense.


you dont know the first thing about making dentures, and as far as making dentures that work you might as well save your soul and stop lying and ripping the pubic off.

cold cure dentures lol. 240 bucks on your adds to lure people in and then upsale them.

attention denture wearers. dont buy the most expensive set aspen offers buy the cheapest set cus they are made the same just the materials are different. so if they take a bad *** or shoddy impression it dosnt matter what materials they use your denture will still get sore and tons of food under them and you will probally be overclosed jaw relathionship to boot. if they advertise 240 dentures make them make you a set that fits for that and see how long their denture bussiness lasts.

make them stick to thier prices and make them pay by taking a piece of their hide at each sore spot and maybe they will get the picture you cant make denture fit right for 240 bucks. rip the public off aspen manager, rip them off good, and no i am not a former employee i just make and fit dentures, and yes i know what i am talking about.

turn the table on aspen dental and buy their cheap set. do it and make them payyyyy, put aspen out of bussiness by buying their cheapest set over and over and over again, pretty soon they will hate to see a denture wearer walk though the front door cus they will be thinking its not worth the torment to sell dentures at such a cheap price.


The management at aspen know what they are doing is wrong but their greed and immorality will not allow them to do what is right. I know first hand what is being said in this forum is absolutely true and the aspen manager who spouted some nonsense about a disgruntled employee is only trying to put out a fire that will eventually become uncontrollable.When you conduct business the way aspen does it is only a matter of time before the proverbial chickens come home to roost and the piper will have to be payed.

Springer, New Mexico, United States #227382

they buy from out of the country to get cheap while charging tbe patient a premium price.


this aspen is a bunch of jokers, they toss teeth and plastic out on the road and call it a denture. any outfit that would use cold cure pastic to begin with dose not really care about anything but getting you in the door with their low prices and then try to upsale you to their more expensive dentures.

i called a aspen and asked the price of a denture, the lady said its only 249 dollors and then i asked whats the highest price and she gave me a price of 1350, and let me tell the world.

the materials between the 2 sets do not add up to 1100 dollors or there about. i make them and have my own lab and know the price of materials. they are baiting you in with their low prices then switch the price when they get you in their chair and at their mercy,. dont fall for it, dentures should be made with the best quilty materials and no short cuts should ever be taken to save a buck.

if you cut cornors and use cold cure plastic your asking for trouble, and a sore mouth, but low cost outfits dont think any denture should fit right so they might as well sell them for practally nothing cus no matter how hard outfits like this try you still end up with dentures with tons of food underthem and a sore mouth, unless they luck out and get a full upper and those are easy low cost dentures and their adds for 249 dentures are used to bait you in.

not one of the outlets want to sell a denture for 249, they are advertising that price to get you in the door so they have a chance to bait and switch you into their more expensive sets. anybody worth their beans knows you cant make a denture work right and take all the steps nessary to have a good outcome at 249dollors but they dont care about the outcome they care about getting you in their chair and giving their selling crew to use their used carsalesmen tatics to upsale you.


Patients don't have to chose the cold pour process dentures...there are other options for them.....this is all explained. If they chose the cheapest quality/low price they will get what they pay for.... You sound like a disgruntled employee to me!

to aspenmanager #981726

How could anyone with such a poor command of the English language be a manager??!


WORST dentist and lots of unknowledgeable dental assistant interns Imagine. Only one dentist and one hygienist the whole time..

THEY HAVE like 4-5 dental chairs and only one dentist. SO YOU WILL GONNA GO THERE and WATCH TV the whole an hour... AND WITH VERY BAD WORK I ended up having SEVERE TOOTHACHE and missed WORK... AFTER approx 2-3 months of jacket or crown in my lower back teeth I went to another dentist and he told me, IT WAS NOT DONE..


really.. very poor in time management and etc


They also insist dentists on skipping

few steps that are really needed for denture stability and retention(steps that you learn in dental school)

They want to turn them over faster and make more money hence the quality is very poor.

I feel sad for the patients for the quality of rentures they recieve for the amount of money they pay .


yeah cold cure denture acrylic will turn orange over time. they look pink when you get them but as time goes on the color of the pink fades to a off orange color so you look like you got some kind if diease of the gums. why dont patients looking for a deal save up a little more and get a quilty product from a denturist or a dentist that use quality materials and are fabricated in a way you can actually use th dentures

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