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I went to Aspen Dental, the have new dentures made, they were new, and very close to my house. Things could not have gone better, I had them the sameday !! Great service.

My problem, is I had to have them replaced, my fault, so I expeccted the same great service as before, I was so wrong !!!

I called and made the appointment, explained to them I need them in a few days, I was assured that would be no problem.

I went to my appointment, had the impressions done, and was suppose to come back the next day to get my dentures. Next day, no dentures, they said they had to order them, and it would be several weeks. I was going to be ina wedding and needed to have them done quick, so I told them to go ahead and order them, I would go the where the wedding is and start to plan, I do the wedding, this one was a 12 hour drive for me, so I left, no teeth.

I waited a week and called, to see if they were ready, the person who answered the phone said yes, they were ready to go, so I drove the 12 hours back to Altoona to get them, when I got there, no teeth, no nothing, no one had even ordered them yet !!! so I drove 24 hours on the word of the front desk person, that my teethe were ready. I had no choice I had to leave to finish the wedding, after I was done, I called Aspen dental again, again I was told they were ready, made the appointment and drove the 12 hours home to have my teethe.

When I got they, it was like everyone was lost in space, no one even heard anything about ordering teeth, I payed 1,200.00 up front for my dentures, I still don't have them, tired of arguing with them, so I guess I'm out a lot of money and still have no teeth.

I love the dentist there, but the front desk crew ?????? they cost me tons on time and still have my money, but what gets me was the attitude, like I was nuts, they made me feel very bad, all my time one the road the have this done, because the first time was so great, but all the other 5 were BAD, they never said they were sorry.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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the only thing they are trained to do is shut you up with a refund or even settlement they act like they can fix everything they mess up and they can not i am living proff


ignore aspen dental they will try to shut you up and keep you from following further suite i am a previous patient filing a class action lawsuite contine posting on here and a lawyer will be on here soon to contact you and gather your information if you are interested it is time that aspin dental goes down they are physically hurting patients like me and you every day with there unqualified practices the fact is aspin dental is not a actuall dental company they hire dentists who are many times unqulifed to do the procedures they do keep on posting people we are taking these people down so that they wont hurt or take other peoples money i am the lead witness in a growing class action lawsuit so join us and fight for the cause of other people this slaugter house has not yet got ahold of

to aware of my rights #1211237

I had a bad experience too. Where do I sign?


Dear Donna7858,

I’m very sorry to hear about your experience. Our goal is to provide every patient with high quality dental care in an atmosphere that is welcoming and respectful, and I apologize that your visit did not meet those expectations.

Would you be willing to talk in greater detail to our Patient Satisfaction group to see whether they can help? This team of specialists is based at our Practice Support Center in Syracuse and is trained to help resolve these types of issues. They can be reached at 1-866-273-8606 or patientservices@aspendental.com.

Thank you,


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