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The TV advertisement out by Aspen Dental says free x-ray, exam and consult. Beware as I received a bill in the mail after visiting the dentist.

Upon calling them, I questioned about the ad on TV and they confirmed it was indeed free of charge. Therefore, I asked why I received a bill. They said they would write off the amount in which my insurance company did not cover....Okay, but why was my insurance company charged anything when this service was supposed to be free?

I was told this service is free to patients without insurance.

If a patient has insurance, it would be billed and then the remaining balance would be wrote off. Might sound okay to some, but my insurance plan only pays a max of $1000 per year and Apsen charged $198 for these services without touching a tooth.

Therefore, the ad should say "free to non insured". Aspen quoted me $8,375 for the work I need done and this $198 would have certainly helped toward the actual dental work needed.

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My husband and I went to Aspen Dental in Valdosta on 12/22/17. We went to get our teeth cleaned.

They never touched our teeth and my treatment plan was $1921.00 and my husband's treatment plan was $3003.00.

We went to another dentist and they cleaned our teeth and we had nothing wrong with our teeth. Aspen is clearly a rip off.


You people are so ***. Read the *** fine print.

It clearly says everywhere that the promotion does not apply to anyone under the age of 21 or with dental insurance. You are the same people who probably believe the telemarketers when they call to tell you about the free vacation you won. Or who think that fake check you get from publisher's clearinghouse is real. It is not everyone elses responsibilty to take care of you.

Get educated, do some darn research, and quit blaming others for your stupidity. This is what is wrong with this country, everyone thinks its other peoples jobs to take care of them, be a responsible adult for once.

@So annoyed

I went in for free exam and xrays, got a bill for $110. I have no insurance.

They said it was because they gave me (of course, unbeknownst to me) the "focused" exam and xray. Nowhere in the fine print does it give ANY exceptions to the type of exam or xray. So, get a clue. Aspen is cheaters.

I filed complaint with AG, BBB, and disputed charges on my credit card.

The only idiots are those trying to defend AD. Check the article on FRONTLINE.


It clearly says on their website that it is only free to non-insured patients. Do your research and maybe you won't get surprised later on.


I went to aspen dental because the Tv advertisement sas free xrays to new patients. Then I get a EOB from my insurance company which aspen had charged for the x-rays.

Like many other stories they told me its only free for patients with no insurance. THATS NOT WHAT THE ADVERTISEMENT SAYS.