Aspen dental has made me two teeth and added to my parcel,I dont remember how much it cost but it wasent even 4 months later in broke in half,then the second time it cost me $150 dollars and 3 months later it fell out and i havent had the money to have another one made so the tooth that is next to the one that fell out it falling down so its longer then the rest of my teeth and its looking pretty bad i dont even like to talk,smile nothing and when i went to the dentist last friday they took x rays they already had my file so i told the dentist i need to have a tooth made and this tooth filed down well she really didnt even listen to me she said there was going to be somebody coming to talk to me on how much its going to cost she said about $600 dollars cause i need to have a tooth extacted i've already been through this with another dentist i cant afford that and aspen dental has already made me two teeth already so why cant they just make another one and file the one down for right now oh they want to charge me over $200 dollars to make a tooth when the times they have made me one it only cost $150 aspen dental has went down hill

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have never seen a good pair of dentures or partials come out of aspen. The last one I saw had teeth set crooked and looked like they had been half ground off. When i visited vietnam last summer, I saw a retarded street vender monkey making and selling better dentures than the ones that come out of aspen dental.


For goodness sakes, cut your losses now. It doesn't sound like anyone will ever convince you to take care of your teeth. Find ANYONE other than Aspen to help you.


Aspen dental has been going downhill since day one. They are the bottom of the barrel.

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