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They did a horrible job on my upper denture, made me a temporary bottom partial I couldn't even wear it was so painful. Went in so they would make it more comfortable and they just added a little bit of a soft liner to it and told me that's all they could do because the wires were to fragile to adjust.

I left there with my temporary partial still to painful to wear. I went without any bottom teeth for 6 months because of this. Even though I never could use this tempory partial, I still had to pay for it ! When I was finally done with everything but getting my permanent partial made, I was then told I would have to pay an additional $650 if I wanted them to finish what they started my making my permanent partial.

I was so mad, they never said a word about any additional charges ! So of course I wanted to finally get this over with so I signed it. I didn't want to but I did just to get all of this over with already !! Oh, and by the way, they also had the nerve to charge me $1,300 just to brush the 5 teeth I had left with an electric tooth brush.

They never told me about that either ! Who in their right mind would give their permission to do that !! NOBODY ! That's why the don' t tell you !!

They just do whatever they want and don't care about their patients at all. They knew I didn't have any dental insurance ahead of time and they still robbed me blind! Does $3,500 sound like a family friendly price to you ? I hate them for doing this to me.

I would absolutely never recommend Aspen Dental to anyone ! THEY ARE WITHOUT A DOUBT THIEVES AND LIERS !!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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LOL! "Clasps on partial are too fragile to adjust." Guess so, if they send the lab work to china and have the clasps made out of recycled metal of who-knows what composition!

Look, I know patients think dentures and partial are easy-peezy things to do that must take a simple impression.

The reality is that making denture and partials is one of the HARDEST things we dentists do under ideal circumstances. It takes years in practice to get really good at it. Think young dentists right out of school without equipment to design partials, and forced to use horrible cheap labs, will produce dentures that actually fit? NOT A CHANCE!

A$pen was born a fleabag yank-all-teeth-and-cram-in-cheap-denture mile, and it cannot shake this sleazy heritage.

Better take your chance on third world dentistry rather than A$pen in the USA.

You may have to eat the money you lost and pay a decent dentist in private practice to do the whole thing over.

Don't think other scam centers like Affordable Dentures, Coast, or Great Expressions will be any different. They are all run by the Wall Street private equity crowd.

to Seasoned Dentist #1371530

I've seen cast partials from aspen that the metal in the major connector was so cheap/flimsy/thin that you could bend it with just finger pressure.


$1,300 to clean the five teeth you had left!!!! That's a sad new low for aspen dental. Aspen gets braver with their scams every day.


I've already posted my review. I just forgot to add that I'm seriously thinking about hiring a lawyer.

These people at Aspen Dental must be stopped before they hurt anyone else !

I wish I had read the reviews before I went to Aspen, not one good review in the bunch !

A very bad and very expensive mistake I will always deeply regret.


to Lynnannie12553 #1371099

They got better lawyers than you can ever afford. They investigate YOU and drag you through mud in court.

They win almost every time.

The only way they can be stopped is if citizens like you write state legislators, and demand your board of dentistry enforce laws prohibiting ownership of dental practices by non-dentist private investors. Ownership tests are necessary so Wall Street con men cannot claim they merely "manage" practices for dentists, when the investors actually are the ones that own the practices.

So far, only North Carolina has had the guts to stop these corporate vampires from invading their state.

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