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I went to this center and I was given an amopunt I would be responsible for total treatment.

That amount has been paid.

Now they are saying I owe them 300.00.

When I had the initial consulttaion I was given an amount I would be responsible for and that amount was paid and I asked are you sure this is the amount no hidden costs etc.

The man said again and again this is what it will be . I ended up having to delay my treatment due to an illness and started receiving bills from aspen

I Called several times regarding these bills and had and fsa to pay them at that time and was told time and time again ignore the bills you are paid in full.

Then several mos after the treatments were completed I started getting bills again

I had a conference twicewith the office manager he said that the quote was not set in stone it depended on my insurance coverage ...I advised that the amount that was given I was told was set in stone

He pulled out my contract and my signature was not on there ....and While the oral surgeon was working on my teeth he said you should actually get some money back as there weren't as many that needed cut out just pulled.

Now every time I go up there they bring up this 300$

I asked to speak with someone higher than the local office manager to get this straightened out and have not received a return call with that persons name ...also there was a complete change of staff since original agreement and the peoples names that I mentioned I spoke with are no longer there very shady and I would definitely join a class action law suit.. When I call now to have liners placed etc. They are very ugly with me My temporary dentures have cracks in them so when my permanents get sent away for liners I have not teeth unless I want to pay and oop expense to have temporary ones fixed. I hate them....

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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We are having an awful time with them. We signed an Estimated Patient Portion Payment Arrangment but were not given one once of documentation in writing as to what each ccst was for.

They never mentioned two different types of fillings, nor an upgrade to a partial. We gave permission only for the free fillings and the two they did the way we agreed are now not listed. They only listed the three they did fill, and filled with the different composite so they could bill us for them. They also claim they upgraded his partial...

we were never told or notified that it would need to be upgraded. What a truly stressful situation. Not sure exactly how to report them. I have contacted my attorney hoping he can guide me.

I paid them the $800.00 I owed them for the services we approved. They are sneakily now squeezing in these other charges saying we agreed to them...

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Good luck to all dealing with them.


The same thing is happening to me. I'm calling my insurance company today to verify the amount I'm being charged.

They actually charged $940.00 (almost 1,000) x4 quad for deep cleaning. :cry


Back in 2005 I had to get an upper denture and have all of my upper teeth pulled due to acid erosion. Those uppers never fit me properly.

I paid for the best ones they offered, so it wasn't like I ordered the cheap ones. I kept getting ulcers from the denture rubbing. It was so painful that I was there at least three times a week for months. I finally went to someone else for a second opinion and they said the denture was a very poor fit.

I wrote to their corporate office, showed them the second and third opinions I had and finally they returned my money. Maybe, they should have paid me with all the pain they put me through. They offer a guarantee that you will like them, they will make it right or you can get a refund. I have never returned there again.

One thing I noticed is that they have a lot of employee's fresh out of dental school or from other countries. Perhaps, these employee's are not used to the way dentists in this country work.

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