The only reason I have used Aspen Dental is my insurance only covers them. I had 2 teeth removed about two years ago.

Then about 6 months later I had 1 become loose and went back. After the Dentist numbed me up and removed the tooth he began pressing real hard on my perfectly fine teeth. He then began preaching dentures. Only had 3 teeth removed my entire life and all of a sudden there talking dentures.

Needless to say the dentist pushed so hard he loosened 2 more teeth. I removed them myself but should have reported this Dentist to a higher authority...

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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Find a real dentist - fast! They quoted me 4900.00 for some work I didn't need at all.

I went to a regular dentist and everything Aspen had told me was a lie! They said I had gum disease, needed root canals, etc etc. There are no words to describe them. Now they sent me an offer for 25% off services which I didn't follow up with that they said I needed.

Haha. But it is no joke, so BEWARE!


I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t satisfied with your recent experience. Aspen Dental doctors are focused on providing comprehensive care, which means that they not only want to address any immediate problems that may cause pain or discomfort in the short-term, but also recommend dental treatment for long-lasting good health.

Would you be willing to talk in greater detail to our Patient Satisfaction team to see whether they can help address your specific concerns?

This team of specialists is based at our Practice Support Center in Syracuse and is trained to help resolve these types of issues. They can be reached at 1-866-273-8606 or patientservices@aspendental.com.

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