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Had to have some teeth extracted. The second tooth to be told I told them which one to extract and *** if they pulled the other one that was not in pain I even questioned them 3 times if they were extracting the right tooth I wanted out and they said yes, well they didn't so I suffered for a week until they could extract the right one.

Wouldn't even give me a price break, very unfriendly office people. I would never go there again or would I recommend for anyone to go there.Don't go to Avon office.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

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I work for an Aspen only bc I needed to be closer to home. I opened the office with a very caring Dentist and he is the only reason I made it out with my sanity.

They hire uneducated people to run the office because they are *** enough to carry out the scandles without releizing it until its to late. The office managers and PSR is so rude to people and talk to them like they are *** to bully them into thousands of dollARS in inflatted treatment plans. No matter how good the dentist is the minute the patient steps into consult with the office manager any good effort is shot. They are the most unprofessional people I have ever come in contact with.

I didnt know ppl really acted the way ASPEN TRAINED "PROFESSIONALS" act. The office manager does not listen to the DDS to the point of altering treatment plans with out him knowing to make more production. They "sale" the patients into these extremely high intrested rates that they are paying on before all there treatment is compklete. They pack ppl in and out so no one gets quality of care and as an employee if you try to take the time and give good care you are being yelled at and wrote up for not pumping ppl out fast enough.

I worked 10 hour days most days and rarely got a lunch. They do not care about the patients or employess WE ALL ARE JUST NUMBERS.

It hurt me and sent me into a depressed state always in there watching someone get screwed over if not me being screwed over as well. Thank God I was able to get out and the DDS followed soon after.You do not want to work there or trust them to take care of your dental needs.

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