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My experience with Aspen Dental started in May, 2010,I went in to get front tooth fix and they offer a exam no charge. I got the exam done the the dentist sat down and explain that in needed two teeth fix so they quoted me a price.I had to give $1400.00 before they started the procedure,I gave it to them then the dentist told me i needed three teeth done particual after that four so i told the manager i wanted my money back,because i didnt feel comfortable with dentist.She told me to come in and talk to him so i did they explain to me that he didn't mean to make me feel uncomfortable and he new what he was doing.My first day they took a mold of mouth then,next appointment i told him i wanted my gold then he proceeded to tell me that he was not pulling my teeth so i didnt need particual he was goin to save my teeth and give me crowns an that sound better i could keep my teeth. But,after the root canal i didn't feel comfortable and i explain that to the manager, it took him almost 4 hour and i new something wasn't right.Next visit,i had different dentist,he was so agggressive doing the procedure he cut my gums higher on the two teeth that i was having done.I was in so much pain in didn't understand why,I was in so much pain again so i was scared to go back.Then when he was working on my mouth another patience was complaining about waiting so long he then said he needs to go home if couldn't wait and i thought that was unprofessional.Then a few days later the manager call me because i missed my appointment and i explain to her why again,she assured me i wouldn't have anymore problems and that she had fired him.So i went back in for my final visit to put my crowns in they were larger,thicker and whiter then my other teeth it just a mess everyone in the office new that they was poorly done the third dentist couldn't believe that the teeth and my gums where very uneven i jus cried and left.Then i call and told the manger i wanted my money back and i shouldn't have to pay them anymore money because they have took me though so much.The manager she was going to have a meeting with corporate and she was goin to explain to them what happen to me she never call me back.Then i call her the secertary answer ask me who was calling i told her my name i held hold,she came back and said that she was on the other line she will give me a call back in a few minutes she never did.So,I went in to the office an hour later and spoke to her and she explain to me that she never had the meeting and she had just fax the my paper work and i ask her about giving me my money back and they still owed me money back because the procedure they didn't cost what they originally quote me again she'll get back with me.The next week she call and said to come in so they could take pictures so a dentist in New York could take a look at them i didnt understand but i went in anyway.The day went the third dentist took pictures with his camera phone i was shocked after this i said no more this the worst experience i have ever been in and have reported them to BBB and i havent heard back from Aspen Dental and they are still billing me.Do not trust Aspen Dental they are not professional and ripe off dentist are not qualify and they need to be shutdown!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Crown Services.

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I appreciate you sharing your story. Our goal is for every patient who visits Aspen Dental to have a positive experience, so I’m really disappointed to hear that your experience didn’t meet those standards.

We have a team of Patient Satisfaction Specialists who would be happy to try to address your specific concerns. This team of specialists is based at our Practice Support Center in Syracuse and can be reached at 1-866-273-8606 or patientservices@aspendent.com

Or, if you'd like, you can message me your contact information and I can make sure someone here reaches out to you.

Thank you,


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