My name is Bert Peterson--I do not know what has happened to your change of personelnel,at your Yakima office--but their comency sucks!!!The only two people tha have any idea what is going on is your hygenist,and a tech..I had oral surgery three days ago--to remove 2 exostois bones..This fool "doctor" of yours wanted to know what my problem was--I eas told to get my lower dentures adjusted--This fool wanted to remove my three day old stitures--she was surprized that they were still in there from the 30th of last month--NO way--I went to an oral sugeron--I referred my grand-daughter there for treatment--Her program was set up--She was told that a tooth could be saved--but that replacemnt "doctor"decided to fill another tooth--In the mean time,she broke off more of her tooth..You people felt that she needed a root canal--parts needed ato be ordered--or recommend another dentist--Sounds like you do not have any copent people there--In my case--the"doctor" should have seen my records..I will not recomend any one else to your facility!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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